Persecution Covered with Lies

The Shanghai Female Prison authorities set up Division Five to control and persecute Dafa practitioners. Each determined practitioner is constantly watched over by four prisoners. The practitioners are not allowed to leave the cells. They are forced to eat, live and relieve themselves inside the cells. High temperatures have lasted for more than 20 days in Shanghai, yet the authorities don't allow the practitioners to take a shower. At 12:50 p.m., the practitioners are forced to go to the outdoor drilling ground for a 50-minute exercise. The practitioners have to get up early and sleep until late. They are forced to watch Dafa-slandering videotapes non-stop from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Li Shuxia, head of the Politics and Security Division from Jianchang County Police Department, Huludao City, Liaoning Province had often brutally beaten Dafa practitioners. She had ordered some vicious guards to shock the practitioners with electric batons, tie them with ropes, slap them on the face and kick them. Li Shuxia is very greedy. Since July 20, 1999, she has extorted large amounts of money and valuables from the practitioners' families.

Qian Fengde, a retired official from the Politics and Security Division of Jianchang County Police Department often slapped the practitioners on the face until he was too exhausted to continue. He shocked the practitioners with electric batons and hit them with metal tools. He often ransacked the practitioners' home and threatened their families, arresting and sending several practitioners to labor camps.

The police and officials in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province are preparing to send determined Dafa practitioners to brainwashing classes. Beginning in late June, these thugs have abducted determined practitioners in the city and sent them to brainwashing classes. Each county and town government is required to send a "representative practitioner" who is to be sent to the city brainwashing class. The city brainwashing class is located in Zhongzhan District Police Academy. We hope Dafa practitioners can break away from the old forces' arrangements with righteous thoughts.

Recently, the police and officials in Yubei District, Chongqing City are trying to abduct Dafa practitioners and send them to a brainwashing class located in Qingcaoping of Lushan Village. The building where the class is held is heavily guarded by police officers. Every floor of the building is guarded by police; even surrounded by armed officers. There are also large police dogs. It was learned that the police plan to send all practitioners in Yubei District to this brainwashing class for about two months.

Clarify the Truth with Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

A story of evil suppressed by righteousness: a Dafa practitioner was forced to make compromises at a labor camp. After she returned home, she realized her mistake and decided to be diligent and doubly make up for the loss. The Party secretary from her village threatened her, saying, "If you practice, we'll send you to a labor camp!" She wasn't intimidated. Not only did she practice diligently, she followed the village Party secretary everywhere and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements controlling him in other dimensions. In the end, the Party secretary said, "I beg you, don't follow me anymore!" He never again mentioned sending her to a labor camp.

Commentary on Current Issues

Outsider's comment: No yielding and no violence. Falun Gong is persevering and the world pays attention. After the Party came into power, they set up the organizational system and the spy system that covers the greatest area and is the most strict and rigorous in history. If the Party wants to suppress someone or some organization, it can achieve the goal within three days. The brutal Party has never met its match and Falun Gong is the only exception. Facing the Party's persecution, Falun Gong practitioners resort to non-violence, yet non-yielding resistance. The Party could not achieve its goal of annihilating Falun Gong. Its battlefront has stretched thin and the money and time spent on the persecution is unprecedented.

Currently, in order to sustain the persecution against Falun Gong, the Party is spending one quarter of the total national revenue. The Falun Gong incident has transformed into an international phenomenon. After walking through four difficult years, Falun Gong made people who thought it wouldn't last admit to the strength of this group. Foreign experts and organizations studying China issues are paying close attention to the Falun Gong phenomenon in China. The atrocious Party has never met a match. Since it cannot swallow this "hard bone," it may choke to death. Jiang Zemin has obviously realized this ominous outcome. That is why he tries his best to hold onto military power as Party's military chairman.

Reference material: The "Chinese miracle" and impossible-to-solve puzzle. On August 10, Zhang Qingxi, a professor of economics at Taiwan University who was invited by the Global Alliance for Democracy and Peace gave a third speech in St. Louis, Missouri. In his speech, professor Zhang cited and summarized reliable statistics and opinions from many Chinese and Western economists. He pointed out great economic, social and ecological crises that are hidden beneath the superficial prosperity in China. Insolvent bank accounts have reached 50% in China. The fact that the Chinese society is stable although its Gini Coefficient has exceeded 0.5 is a true miracle. It also represents a puzzle impossible to solve. He mentioned that the collapse of Chinese society is irreversible, and it will happen sooner or later.