Original article date: July 26, 2003.


On June 29, Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Jingyan, who has been imprisoned in Shuangcheng City Detention Center, began a hunger strike to protest her persecution. On July 2, a prison guard ordered Dr. Dong Jixian and another young physician to force-feed Ms. Zhang and another Dafa practitioner, Mr. Hong Wu, who is nearly 50 years old. Mr. Hong shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great," and was thus severely beaten-up by some scoundrels in the detention center. When force-feeding Ms. Zhang, Dr. Dong Jixian cursed her and ordered inmates to forcefully lift her, carry her out and force-feed her. Zhang said her heart was not in good condition, but her tormentors did not care at all.

On July 4, these two Dafa practitioners suffered forced-feeding once again. The tube used in the force-feeding was unable to be inserted until the third time. Zhu Xiaobo (female director of the detention center) put Zhang Jingyan in an iron chair in the reception room, and attempted to insert a tube into her throat again and again for seven to eight times without any success. Zhu Xiaobo and Dr. Liu (prison doctor) shouted: "You are the second Liu Jie!" referring to a female practitioner who had been force-fed to death in the same detention center in February 2003. At the same time, Dr. Zhu Xiaobo also hit Ms. Zhang's head very hard and shouted: "Aren't Liu Jie and others all dead? Have you even seen any of us be punished?" These evil-doers did not care whether a Dafa practitioner lived or died as they pinched Zhang Jingyan's nose, forced her mouth open to breathe, and forced-fed her. They also threatened that Zhang would have to undergo forced-feeding twice a day if she did not eat again.

On July 7, instructor Sun shouted loudly: "If you do not eat, then a tube will be inserted to feed you. Nobody cares if death is the outcome or not." On the morning of July 7, Zhu Xiaobo and a group of people took Zhang Jingyan to that small black room (specifically used for force-feeding Dafa practitioners) to be tortured again, adding a lot of salt. An inmate surnamed Pan used chopsticks to force her mouth open, and tied Zhang Jingyan to a steel chair. Zhu Xiaobo said madly: "You will be force-fed again this afternoon." In the afternoon Zhang Jingyan was again taken to that small black room and the tube was inserted for forced feeding. During this period, Zhang Jingyan coughed up blood each night, but prison police did not care at all.

Now, Mr. Hong Wu is facing the same torture as Ms. Zhang Jingyan.