August 5, 2003


In the hope that Dafa practitioners advance as one body, I would like to point out a widespread attachment--"The Mindset of Seeking Outward."

I embarked recently on an intensive study of Dafa material, including experience-sharing articles. I analyzed all significant events that occurred since July 20, 1999. I noticed that the mindset of seeking outward is widespread among practitioners. It's expressed as follows: One always has the hope that a certain organization, government, or person will be of more help to us. This mindset has lasted for a number of years. It also has been a favorite excuse for the old forces to persecute practitioners more severely. It has caused major losses for Dafa. We should have learned our lesson by now.

Let us take a deeper look at this issue, find the underlying causes, view the harm it has caused, and eliminate it immediately.

- Let's consider the April 25, 1999 event. We all know that the former Chinese premier was at the time in support of Dafa and was not for Dafa to be persecuted. Thus, many among us developed the mindset that we had to enlist his help. Many thought: Let the premier replace Jiang as the head of China. This resulted in the old forces using this excuse to intensify the persecution. And what happened? The premier changed his attitude toward Dafa from positive to negative.

- In 2002, as the 16th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held, many looked outward again for help: It would be an improvement if Hu Jintao would replace Jiang Zemin. But the result was again not as expected.

- In March of this year, during routine government official changes, many thought again: "Let Jiang Zemin leave and let those who do not persecute Dafa take the posts."

Why did some of these negative things happen? Teacher has told us this repeatedly, but Dafa practitioners as a whole need to have a better overall understanding of this principle, as some to certain degrees are still seeking outside for help.

- This mentality also can be found during international events. For example, at the onset of the persecution, the UN and some governments condemned the persecution as it violated the following principles: freedom of belief and human rights. This generated some positive effects, and indicated that righteous power existed in the human world. But many of us saw this as another ray of light and our expectations rose again: these organizations will be of great help to us to end the evil suppression. This offered the old forces another excuse to persecute us. It led to the agreement of "mutual silence on human rights issues" between China and some countries. Some governments did not speak out anymore. The UN human Rights Conference became less and less effective.

Why did this come about? Dear fellow practitioners, let's all take a deep look into ourselves, calm our minds, and search if we harbor this "mentality of seeking outward." Do not rely on external changes anymore. Do not clarify the truth for the purpose to enlist someone's help, because under such a mindset, truth telling becomes secondary. It changes into a means to resolve a specific problem, and as such it is not considered righteous in the true sense of righteousness.

Dafa has arranged the trial of Jiang Zemin in order to save more sentient beings! This is a great opportunity. But it's been almost 9 months since the lawsuit against Jiang was filed. The progress has been slow. On the surface, it is because Jiang is using everything in his power to stop the suit, to stop it at any cost. But this is not the root cause.

In my understanding, there are three reasons behind the issue:

1) We do not see the seriousness of this lawsuit. Some practitioners take no notice of it.

2) We are seeking outward. Some practitioners are "hoping to receive more support from the US government and the court." This offers an excuse for the old forces to obstruct the lawsuit and impede its process.

3) The old forces continue to hold their deviated old concepts and continue to interfere.

To resolve the above-mentioned three issues, Dafa practitioners should make progress as one body. We should eliminate the mentality of seeking outward, totally negate the arrangements of the old forces in our mind when sending forth righteous thoughts daily and clarify the truth diligently.

Dear fellow practitioners, we should be more clear-minded and learn from all these lessons. Each time anything goes the opposite direction from what is expected, we should see it as a warning caused by the old forces. Let's look inward to root out the mentality of seeking outward. Let us play the leading role in this great drama!