(Clearwisdom.net August 12, 2003) Falun Gong of Florida rented a booth at two recent Expos so as to make Dafa and the facts of the persecution widely known. The booth displayed posters, Dafa flyers, literature, books, and pictures, as well as stories from China and letters of support from local and national Governments. Practitioners demonstrated and taught the exercises.

Efforts to get signatures for the rescue petitions and the yellow rescue banners were successful. Practitioners told people about the vicious and unwarranted persecution of peaceful Dafa students in China. The audience was moved and deeply felt the injustice.

In addition, a brief lecture was presented with topics such as qigong versus athletics, the importance of upgrading virtue and the Falun Gong exercise instructions.

Practitioners were very kind and supportive of one another, which demonstrated the harmonious dignity of the new Cosmos as well as the eternal principles of "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance." Dafa practitioners in other states are encouraged to utilize similar opportunities by checking the Event Schedule at http://bmse.net/ for an Expo near you.