On June 5, 2003, Shanhaiguan police abducted Dafa practitioner Mei Yingjiu, and then tortured him to obtain information and a false confession.

At 2 am on June 7, police surrounded the home of Dafa practitioner Wei Danquan. After a siege of a few days, he and his wife, Zheng Jie, and Sun Yang were abducted. The home was ransacked and among other items, a computer was taken away.

At 4 am on June 7, Dafa practitioner Gao Feng was abducted and his home ransacked. It was unclear about the items that were taken away. The computer service shop run by Gao was also closed down illegally.

On June 6, Dafa practitioner Liu Changfu was taken away. The police confiscated his computer, printer, copier, and many other items.

On June 7, another site was sabotaged by the police where materials for truth clarification were being printed. Four Dafa practitioners were arrested--Ms. Mo Huiqiu, Ms. Xie Jingzhen (who has been wanted by the China National Security Ministry because the Qinhuangdao police framed him as a "murderer"), Wu Wenjing, and Wu Wenfeng. The police confiscated a computer, printer, color printer, plastic sealing machine, big and small paper cutters, Dafa VCD's, recorder, cassette, individuals personal savings equaling about 3000 Yuan [about six months salary for an average Chinese urban worker], and other items without leaving any receipt.

On June 8, another site in the Haigang district for making truth-clarification materials was destroyed. Dafa practitioners--He Xiuhua (female), He Xiujie, Guo Jie, and Dong Junming--were abducted. The police took away a printer, a notebook computer, recorder, a large sum of personal savings, and lots of materials.

Around June 8, another material site at Haigang was sabotaged. Dafa practitioners Yang Yuzhu (female), Yang Yufu, and others were arrested. The police confiscated a computer, printer, and other items.

Most Dafa practitioners abducted above were able to walk out of the detention centers using righteous thoughts.

Shanhaiguan Dafa practitioner, He Xiuhua, female and over 50-years old, was just released and was in poor health. Recently, she was abducted again by the Shanhaiguan police. Fellow practitioners, please help her by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate those persecuting, evil elements.

Practitioner Mr. Wei Danquan from Qinhuangdao was illegally sent to the infamous Tangshan Forced Labor camp (Hehuatang forced labor camp) for further persecution. Police over there are known for being very cruel in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Without renouncing their faith, Dafa practitioners are not allowed to sleep and are inflicted with various tortures. Dafa practitioners without freedom are also forced to do hard labor, exceeding their capacity. Fellow practitioners, who are reading this message, please send forth righteous thoughts to help Wei break through the evil camp.

List of responsible police officers and officials at Qinhuangdao city:

Zhou Weidong, Head of the "610 Office" and Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee.

Lu Chunli, deputy Chief of the city public security bureau (the major persecutor).

The First Section of the Public Security Bureau:

Wang Xianzhen, Section chief, Work phone: 0335-3205644, cell: 13803351637

Xu Yingbin, deputy section chief, Work phone: 0335-3034387

Yu Xiaojun, a policeman.