Master Li has told us to cultivate ourselves well many times in his recent Fa lectures. Master also said: "Only when problems arise in the body at large or that have to do with Dafa's overall situation, or when there's a problem with the situation of your validating Dafa, only then do I talk about it." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003"). Reflecting upon myself and then looking at my surroundings, I realized that there exists the phenomenon of slacking off in our individual cultivation. Sometimes we even fail to guarantee our daily Fa-study and practice of the exercises.

Strengthening the practice site will allow every practitioner who participates to encourage each other, and it is an effective way of improving our own cultivation.

In fact, prior to July 20th, 1999, it was at practice sites that practitioners shared their experiences, encouraged each other and improved together. Later on as Fa-rectification advanced, many teams were set up to validate the Fa from different angles. We have overlooked the importance of practice sites, and as more and more teams were established, our basic Fa study and practice of the exercises decreased. Moreover, because various teams' goals were to participate in specific Fa-rectification projects, and because we have not yet fully let go of the attachment for achievement, we tend to spend more time on studying Master's new lectures than on reading Zhuan Falun, and we tend to have more discussions on specific projects than on problems relating directly to our own cultivation.

If we strengthen the practice sites, then practitioners participating in different projects can communicate, cooperate and complement each other.

From the experience sharing with practitioners from Taiwan, I found that they are improving steadily and quickly as a whole. I think this is closely related to their perseverance in maintaining and developing practice sites. Strengthening the environment of practice sites is not that difficult to do, because practitioners all want to improve their cultivation and improve as a whole body. The most important part is that we recognise this matter and put ourselves in action.

Recently, there have been practitioners who have stepped forward to join the Fa rectification; there are also practitioners from China who came to North America via immigration. Helping them to quickly fit into the Fa rectification process is an important task. This can be achieved by helping each other at the practice sites.

Master mentioned in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference":

"Looking at the current situation, the enormous current of Fa-rectification is soon going to gush over here, so a lot of things are being demolished bit by bit, and the most surface dimension is being reached bit by bit. That's why in some regions new students have started to come one after another. And if that's the case, the overall situation is going to change really fast."

There will soon be many people who come to look for the Fa and attain the Fa. The strengthening of practice sites will naturally prepare us for this.

Master wants every practitioner to do well, and to walk the last leg of our journey well. Strengthening the practice site can allow us to encourage each other, to kindly remind and look after each other.

Master Li once told us: "the best forms I leave for you for spreading the Fa are group exercises and experience-sharing conferences." ("Lecture At The Conference

In Switzerland") For a few years, we have done well in maintaining the Fa conference. If we can also strengthen our practice sites, we can improve even faster as a whole.

This is only my personal understanding; please kindly point out anything inappropriate.