The Persecution of Ms Ma Rei

Ms. Ma Rei, aged 40, was a dance teacher in Zhoukou City College for Vocational Training. In October 1999, following an illegal search by police of her residence, she was taken to Shenqiu Detention Center from her home in Shenqiu County. Later she was transferred and kept in the Xiangcheng County Detention Center for a couple of weeks.

In December 2000, she was taken away from Tiananmen Square. The Shenqiu Police brought her back to the Shenqiu Detention Center and kept her there until May 2001.

In December 2001, she was again abducted from the college where she worked and her home was ransacked again. She was illegally detained in Shenqiu Detention Center until July 2002, when she was sentenced to three years of forced labor in Shibalihe Women's Labor Camp, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. She is still in detention to this day.

The persecution of Mr. Cheng Jinjing

Mr. Cheng Jinjing, aged 54, was the Director of the Zhoukou City Technology Control Board of Henan Province. Since July 1999, Mr. Cheng was often harassed by the local police.

In August 2000, Mr. Cheng was abducted from his home after the police ransacked the place. He was taken directly to the Xiangcheng County Detention Center, where he was illegally detained for four months. A "bond" of 4,000 Yuan was extorted from Mr. Cheng, and only then was he released.

Because of frequent harassment from the local police, Mr. Cheng was forced to stay away from home for several months. In August 2002, he was abducted again from his home and illegally detained in Xiangcheng County Detention Center, where he remains today.