I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province. I began cultivation practice in June of 1998. Because I persisted in practicing Falun Dafa and spoke the truth about the persecution, the local police went to my home to look for me. I continually refused to cooperate with them so they resorted to threatening and manipulating my family members to try to get them to turn against me. They pressured my son, telling him that they would withhold his wages and remove him from his job as a civil servant. They threatened to punish my entire family and all my colleagues by withholding their wages. Because of this, my family was against my practicing Falun Dafa. I tried to clarify the truth to them and although they were aware of my improved health condition since I started practicing, they would not listen to me no matter what I said. At that time, I realized they had been so deeply poisoned by the insidious propaganda against Falun Gong. Because of the policy that implicated them and threatened their interests, they took it out on me by resorting to all forms of violence -- banging me against a wall, attempting to throw me down a flight of stairs, slapping me on the face, strangling me with their hands, and pinching me leaving wounds all over my body. The neighbor saw that I was beaten up and said: "Is Falun Gong really that good? Your two sons and your husband hit you so heartlessly, yet you didn't fight back or scorn them." No matter what I remained steadfast in my belief. The police brought all my relatives and friends to me in an attempt to persuade me by tempting me with money and material things. They were unable to move me as I am and was determined to practice Falun Dafa.

After two days, somebody told me secretly: "The county officials are going to take you away again." At the time I thought that since my family also tortured me as they did, I should not cooperate with their interference against me. So that very night I ran away from home. After walking for 70-80 kilometers I reached a mountain near a city. I had no place to stay so I slept on the side of the road during the night. Eventually, I found a cave in the mountain to live in and ate wild vegetables. Later I lived in a temple. I endured many hardships while living in the temple, getting up at 5 a.m. every morning, cooking food, and cleaning the temple. I also went to the mountain to cut firewood. I knew that this was an old force's arrangement, and I would surely overcome it. Teacher constantly gave me hints and protected me during this difficult and painful trial. When my family realized that I had run away, they looked for me everywhere. They looked for me in my relatives' and friends' homes. The local town and county "610 Offices" were alerted. They were extremely scared. They mobilized both manpower and material resources to look for me. But they did not find me. My village felt like it had a 24-hour fair going on in the street. In the day, people went to my house. During the night the light illuminated the whole village, and it felt like it was daytime. Some people went to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhongqing, Leshan, and Nanjing to look for me. It was said that they spent some 100,000 RMB to look for me. Someone told me later that there were some people who looked for me in the mountain. What's more ridiculous was that they found someone to read my fortune, but they still couldn't find me. It was only after more than ten days that they found me. They took me back to town and wouldn't allow me to go home. They put me in a Retirement Home. Inside my fellow practitioners were detained earlier. After holding me for a week, they let me go home.

The police department ransacked my home twice without any warrant. They put me under surveillance. The local town government withheld 4,000 RMB from my son's wages. Whenever my relatives and friends saw me, they worried about being implicated because they were connected to me, because I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. Those following Jiang's orders to destroy practitioners and poison people all over the world brought all this suffering on us. Indeed Jiang has committed unforgivable evils and has caused unimaginable suffering.