July 17, 2003


[Dehui City, Jilin Province] Dafa practitioners, Sun Qian, Zhang Wenfeng, Jiang Chunxian, Zhang Yan (female), Jiang Wenbin, Xiao Wei, Liu Dianling, Liu Baijun, Hu Jie, Zou Jibin, Lin Hongfei, and others, were abducted by the police and illegally detained since last October in Dehui City's Detention Center. The latter blocked out all information on the status of the practitioners and would not allow their respective families to meet with them. They would not even allow the families to send them clothes and daily necessities.

The vicious persecutors have tried to force illegal trials on the above practitioners numerous times. However, Dafa practitioners have persistently sent righteous thoughts, performed righteous acts in prison, and resisted the persecution by hunger strikes. The local practitioners outside the detention center have formed an indestructible, whole body with the detainees and together are sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil every night at 7, 8, and 9 PM. The detained practitioners totally deny the arrangements of the Old Forces and have successfully stopped the conspiracy many times.

Recent news disclosed that police officers from the Changchun Police Department have visited Dehui City in person, and would like to illegally sentence the above practitioners. The verdicts from such "trials" could be ten years or more.

Once again, we call upon all practitioners who have read this information to send forth righteous thoughts (SFRT) together every night at 7, 8, and 9 PM to eliminate all evil elements in Dehui City, and to destroy all the viscous elements that persecute Dafa practitioners who are being detained in the Dehui City detention center.