My name is Ms. Wen Yan and I am twenty-five years old. I was previously an undergraduate student at Hefei Industry University, but I was illegally expelled from the school three years ago due to my persistence in practicing Falun Gong cultivation. I have been followed, arrested, and tortured by the police because I clarified the facts about Falun Gong. I am going from place to place and can't go home now. Below is another example of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by Jiang's gang before the 16th People's Congress began.

Sometime after 4:00 p.m. on October 30, 2002, I was arrested at the door of the university by two plainclothes policemen, who did not show any legal documents. I asked them: "Who are you? Why are you treating me like this?" The two policemen said nothing but continued to beat me. I was beaten so badly that my vision was blurred and distorted. I was forcibly taken to the Hongxing Hotel. Later that day I learned that several other practitioners were illegally apprehended as well. Their names are Mr. Li Gangfeng, Ms. Yang Jingfang, Ms. Bi Xiaozun, Ms. Li Jun, and Ms. Ren Jingqing.

The police kept me handcuffed to a chair twenty-four hours a day. They continuously rotated the people who interrogated and tortured me. Even when I had my menstrual period, they still did not go any easier on me. I suffered so much that I almost couldn't bear it. I protested their unlawful acts with a hunger strike, but they viciously pumped some mixture into my stomach through a tube. Ten days later, they left the tube in my stomach without taking it out. One time, the police handcuffed my hands behind my back to the chair, and forced my whole body to bend backward. I couldn't move, and the handcuffs cut into my hands. They placed a tube through one of my nostrils into my stomach. The other nostril was forced closed with tape. I could only breathe through my mouth and I continuously felt nauseous. Even so, the policemen watching me (who belonged to the First Department of the Public Security) still interrogated me, and one of them said to me: " Do you want to go to sleep? You never can go to sleep if you don't talk about this issue today." I closed my eyes without saying a word to them, so the policeman struck my forehead with his hand. I suffered the whole time while sitting on the chair. When the two policemen went to sleep, I pulled out the long stomach tube with my two legs. As I struggled, the handcuffs got tighter and by next day both of my hands were very swollen. Later on, they brought in collaborators* from the women's forced labor camp and asked them to alternate in giving me brainwashing sessions without a moment's break for the whole period of time. Under continual pressure, threatening, and mental torture, my will slowly broke down, so I wrote a "guarantee". It was not my real intention; I was absolutely compelled to write the "guarantee." For seventy days and nights, I had been handcuffed in a chair, deprived of sleep, and pressured.

Now, I formally retract all the statements betraying Dafa that I was forced to make. I solemnly deny the charges that they have forced us to admit.

As far as I know, policemen search for practitioners to persecute by staking out places where practitioners are believed to go, monitoring telephones, following practitioners, etc. A patrolman told me that there are cameras near every intersection along the roads. After policemen arrest Dafa practitioners, they take the practitioners to a hotel and hold them there. There is one practitioner with four policemen in each room. The four policemen include one from the First Department of the Public Security, one from the Sub-Public Security or Sub-Police Station, and two of them are on-duty patrolmen.

The persons directly involved in the persecution are: Ding Tao of the First Department of the Public Security, Chen Song, Luo Jian, Liang Wenming, Jiang Yi (female), Shi (last name), Zhang (last name), and Wang (last name).

* Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture.