In the 2003 Mid-US Fa Conference, Teacher used the example of the ever worsening United Nations' human rights meetings as an example, and explained how losses have come in our validation of Dafa due to our attachment of putting their hopes in ordinary people to end this persecution for us and for them to take some decisive action in the Fa-rectification. Moreover, Teacher reminded Dafa practitioners to no longer let the old forces take advantage of the gaps in our ways of thinking.

I realized the following: Just as Teacher pointed out to us many times: "From what standpoint you view Dafa is fundamental--this is also what I want to point out to you." (from "Digging Out the Roots") If we view the United Nations' human rights issue from the standpoint of the Fa, then huge losses will not be incurred. This is because we are Dafa practitioners who are creating the future and saving sentient beings. The help and other good things that sentient beings give for Dafa are a result of Dafa practitioners creating opportunities for them. Otherwise, sentient beings wouldn't have the opportunity to play the role of "helping" Dafa. It is due to the fact that Dafa practitioners have chosen them that they have the opportunity to position themselves. There should only be our offering salvation and compassion to sentient beings, and there shouldn't be such things as Dafa practitioners' relying on ordinary people's helping us to rectify the Fa. I think we have to handle this relationship correctly. If we focus our minds on the progress made in human rights meetings, the old forces will take advantage of us. In addition, this is looking outward. The old forces would then have even more reasons to do damage. If we view everything and anything from the standpoint of the Fa and maintain righteous minds, then problems won't occur so easily.

Regarding Article 23 and suing Jiang Zemin, we are also facing similar situations. We cannot rely on non-practitioners to do something for us. We should understand that it is we Dafa practitioners who are creating the opportunities and conditions for them to step forward to oppose the evil. Of course we hope that sentient beings can do well what they are supposed to do, play the roles that they are supposed to play, and position themselves well.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please correct me if there's anything improper.