(Clearwisdom.net) July 13th report: Clarifying the truth to government officials and residents of Niigata

As Dafa practitioners around Japan launched all-encompassing truth clarification activities geared toward all social strata in Japanese society, the "Truth Clarification and Rescue Yuko Kaneko Car Trip" group arrived at the last stop, Niigata on July 6th after more than ten days on the road. Dozens of local practitioners joined in their truth clarification effort.

That particular day, the practitioners separated into different groups to collect signatures. One practitioner went to the administrative and legislative branches of the Niigata county government and requested to meet with related officials. A government official who received the practitioner didn't know much about Falun Gong and acted indifferently. When the practitioner showed him a thick pile of papers and a yellow sheet that are filled with signatures from people who strongly urged the release of Yuko Kaneko, the official was shocked by the people's will. He ran inside and made thorough arrangements with related officials. The practitioner then clarified the truth to a legislative official and showed him the voice of the people. This official agreed with many of the practitioner's opinions and promised to pay attention to the issue.

Practitioners who distributed Dafa truth clarification materials and collected signatures also clarified the truth to the local people. Through their hard work, in one day the practitioners collected more than 1,300 signatures and distributed a large number of truth clarification materials. At the same time, they told the truth to the local people person to person. A local T.V. station interviewed the group that participated in the "Truth Clarification and Rescue Kaneko Yuko Car Trip."

Six practitioners were the trips main participants. They are of different ages and social backgrounds. Within half a month, they went through five Japanese counties and drove more than 2,000 km (approximately 1,200 miles). They collected more than 3,000 signatures and distributed nearly 20,000 pieces of Dafa truth clarification materials. They gave the Japanese people with whom they spoke a beginner's understanding of the persecution against Falun Gong in China, as these people didn't know much about Falun Gong before. The local administrative and legislative departments also gained a positive understating of Falun Gong. Local media reported the tour just about everywhere they went. The Japanese society is beginning to learn about the seriousness of this issue. The practitioners who took part in this activity felt the evil elements suppressing people are being eliminated.

Furthermore, these practitioners truly cultivated themselves by clarifying the truth along the way. On their way back, they exchanged their experiences, how they improved on Fa principles and xinxing levels. During their lengthy days together, they certainly had different takes on Dafa work and minor conflicts in daily life, but these practitioners first turned to the Fa principles and persisted in looking inward. Those who temporarily forgot to look inward would get reminders from other practitioners. Therefore, the whole body created a true cultivation environment. Some practitioners eliminated attachments that they could not eliminate for a long time, and some practitioners felt their attachments disappeared without their being conscious of it.

The practitioners felt that the most important thing they gained from this activity is that we cannot forget about cultivating ourselves at all times, otherwise we would unconsciously fall into ordinary people's work habits and would be taken advantage of by the old forces. If that takes place, then the truth clarification activity would not reach its supposed goal, and saving sentient beings, a large part of Fa rectification would be affected. As a Dafa practitioner, we must be responsible for the beings in our world; we must take responsibility for our part in Fa-rectification. If we don't do well, it's not a small thing; it's significant and will affect the whole of Fa-rectification.