Dafa practitioner Li Zuling, originally from Sichuan Province, lived in Fengtai District, Beijing. She made a living by running a small business. While being detained at the Kandan Detention Center, Fengtai District, she passed away as a result of the persecution. The details are still being investigated.

Li Zuling's mother is a retired railroad worker and is now missing.

Relevant phone numbers:

Kandan Detention Center: 86-10-63736379, 410 Kandan Street

Fengtai District Office of Beijing Police Department: 86-10-63811993, 26 Dongda Street, Fengtai District

Director: Wang Zhijiang

Party Secretary: Xia Qizhong

Vice Director: Zhao Lu, Wu Shuqing, He Angang, Li Xueming, Li Xueyan, Jia Fuqing, Song Hongsheng, Sun Weinian