(Clearwisdom.net) With regard to the issue of rescuing Charles Li, I believe that everything that occurs is in fact an opportunity Master has created for us to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. At the same time it is also fundamentally an opportunity for us disciples to improve our xinxing. We should all pay attention to the rescue issue, but not only for the sake of rescue itself. During the process we ought to check whether we have clearly clarified the truth in a more detailed and extensive manner; whether we have enabled more people to awaken so that they would avoid elimination, and whether we have truly improved our xinxing. Why is it that there has been no major breakthrough in the rescue work? As Dafa practitioners, we can only look for causes within.

On the issue of rescuing Charles Li, some practitioners expressed that they have somewhat evaded the fact that Charles went back to China with the intention of utilizing cable TV. Why should we evade such an issue? If we think that it is illegal to utilize cable TV in areas under the evil's jurisdiction in China, wouldn't it be the same as acknowledging the existence of the old forces?

"The group of evil political scoundrels has never followed the law in dealing with Dafa disciples, so don't disapprove again of the actions Dafa disciples are taking as they clarify the truth, due to your attachment of fear." ("Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts") Therefore, I think the reason is that we do not have an adequate understanding of the significance of clarifying the truth by way of utilizing cable TV. The universal Fa is being spread here, but due to the evil propaganda, so many sentient beings in China have their minds poisoned by deception. That is why our clarifying the truth with all kinds of means to eliminate the evil and to save sentient beings is the most righteous thing to do. If we underestimate the legitimacy of utilizing cable TV and ignore its significance, and if we rely on human means instead of the power of the Fa, then how can we possibly make progress and major breakthroughs in our work? Isn't the avoidance of the issue caused by the influence of the old thinking?

From the other side, it is not that because we avoid the issue, the Jiang's regime will release our Dafa practitioners. On the contrary, it is because utilizing cable TV is a righteous action to expose the evil and to clarify the truth, because this action was allowing the people of China to find out the truth and therefore choose their bright futures, that the evil should therefore release Dafa practitioners unconditionally! This is not impossible. Genuine practitioners have all experienced the power of the Fa. Only when we place the Fa in the right place will the power of the Fa manifest.

It is the same with any other Dafa work. Take distributing flyers for example: some practitioners have a mentality of relying on luck not to be arrested. This mentality in fact reflects that a lack of understanding of the Fa. Master said, "The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What's key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston") I have found that, whether in cultivation or in validating the Fa, each time when we do not do well or when we are behind in the requirements of the Fa, the obstacle is none other than our notion of "self." Only by letting go of this "self" can we better assimilate to the Fa. "Throughout history the Tao School has considered the human body a small universe. It believes that the exterior of the universe is as big as its interior, and that its exterior looks the same as its interior." (Zhuan Falun) Only when we have changed for the better will what we do change for the better. Perhaps this is why Master tells us to look within ourselves whenever we encounter a problem.

In any work we do, we must put the Fa first. Practitioners involved in the rescue work have done a lot. I only want to remind everyone from a different angle, because this concerns the issue of improving our xinxing as one body.

Besides, presently Jiang is trying at all costs, with diplomatic, political and economic means, to pressure the US government to help dismiss the genocide lawsuit against him. The reason why Charles Li went to China to clarify the truth and was subjected to the subsequent arrest and sentencing was because of Jiang's persecution and actions that amounted to genocide. Isn't the persecution of a US citizen an extension and the evidence of Jiang's policy of "eliminating Falun Gong"? This is also a reminder for all Dafa practitioners, whether inside China or overseas, that we should all pay full attention to and support the lawsuit against Jiang, to clarify the truth in a comprehensive and in-depth manner, with global collective truth-clarification efforts and with the support from people's hearts, to eliminate the evil and the persecution, so as to achieve a speedy rescue of Charles Li and to completely stop the persecution.

Every opportunity is brought about by many facilitating factors, and they all have special historic significance and a role to play, and therefore Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should cherish every single one of them.

Please kindly point out anything improper.