(Clearwisdom.net) On May 24, Belgium Dafa practitioners were invited to attend the annual Himalayan Culture Expo in Antwerp for the second year in a row. Because of their grace and Dafa's goodness, practitioners made a good impression on the hosts in 2002 and as a result, they received a direct invitation this year.

The Antwerp branch of Amnesty Internationals also attended the Expo with the hope of having more people sign their petition against Chinese citizens being sentenced and jailed for publishing their views on the Internet. Amnesty employees stated that the Internet in China is being strictly controlled and monitored and this has led to the internet police in China brutally persecuting people who express their opinions online. The basic human rights of freedom of speech and freedom of information are being trampled on. They said that this is no different from what is happening to Falun Gong practitioners who are still being cruelly persecuted. Amnesty are also doing their best to appeal for Falun Gong practitioners and to provide help to them. They hope that their continued efforts can lead to an eventual improvement in the human rights situation in China.

At the Expo, people were attracted by the videos that Falun Gong practitioners were showing, such as the exercise demonstration video in which Master Li teaches the 5 exercises as well as the video in which Falun Gong's worldwide popularity is shown. People came in droves to ask questions and expressed their willingness to support Falun Gong by signing the letters of appeal. One couple were very interested in the practice and spent a long time watching the exercise demonstration video; they also understood about our activities to spread Falun Gong and asked practitioners many questions. Many visitors bought either Falun Gong or Zhuan Falun and wanted to do the exercise on the exercise spot. Practitioners were happy to see those people with predestined relationships with Dafa.