(Clearwisdom.net June 13, 2003) Recently, Irish practitioners have been traveling to different parts of the country every weekend to spread the Fa and clarify the facts of the persecution to areas where there are few or no Dafa practitioners. The response has been positive and encouraging.

Our first visit was to Limerick in the west of Ireland on the banks of the beautiful Shannon River. Six practitioners demonstrated the exercises on a pedestrian street in the city centre and distributed flyers to the passers-by. We chatted with them, clarified the facts enthusiastically and were met with unprecedented support. Before we left that evening we held a class in a local park and taught a small group the exercises.

The next Saturday we went north to Belfast and set up a display right in the heart of the city. We experienced the power of righteous thoughts when some young people who were curious and over enthusiastic began to interfere with our exercise demonstration. We sat down to send righteous thoughts and 5 minutes later a police car arrived and the youngsters fled. We continued handing out leaflets until we had none left and then we split into 2 groups and walked the city to tell the facts to the overseas Chinese in the city. They seemed truly delighted to receive the materials and were very grateful. This may be the only chance they have to see through Jiang Zemin's lies and learn the truth about Falun Dafa.

Waterford is medium sized city in the south-east corner of Ireland, and we gathered there on the following weekend. The overcast sky and drizzle cleared within minutes as we set up our display that day. We told people the facts and demonstrated the exercises in the warm sunshine.

We will continue to go to different regions and let the people there see the beauty of Falun Dafa and at the same time expose the evilness of the persecution in Mainland China.