(Clearwisdom.net June 10 news] In July 2002, Dafa practitioner Li Xianrong from Huadian City, Jilin Province was interrogated and tortured by policemen in Huadian City, Qixin Police Substation because he had sent out truth clarification fliers. Less than one month later, he was again taken from home and sent straight to Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City, where he was tortured so severely that he came close to death several times. On May 26th 2003, Li Xianrong died from the continuing torture.

Li Xianrong, male, 44 years old, was a Dafa practitioner from Huadian City in Jiling province. He suffered from many different types of diseases before obtaining the Fa. After he obtained the Fa, all of his diseases disappeared, and he had a healthy body and a bright face. In October 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong but was illegally detained for one year. In July 2002, the policemen in Qixin Detention Center in Huadian City interrogated and tortured him because he had distributed Falun Gong flyers. One of the torture methods used was the so called "tiger bench." (see illustration on
http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html ) He was forced to sit on the "tiger bench" for a day and a night. Later, he was bailed out by his family members who paid 2000 Yuan (about four-months average salary in China). However he was arrested again in his home less than a month later. He was directly sent to Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City. On May 26th 2003, Li Xianrong was tortured to death. Details are under investigation.

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Li Xianrong was living in subsection three of section one within Chunjiang Section on Qixin Street, in Huadian City, Jilin Province. He had always been ill since childhood and when his condition was especially bad, he had to rely upon an oxygen tank to help him breathe. However, since he started to practice Falun Gong, he had been healthy and for five or six years no longer had to take any medicine or injections. Several days ago, in broad daylight, the police broke into Li Xianrong's home. Li's 80-year-old mother asked, "Why do you arrest my son? What kind of crime has he committed? He just wants to be a good person and to have a healthy body. How does that make him guilty? You had to send more than ten people to arrest my son!" Without replying to her questions, the police knocked her to the ground and she lost consciousness. Upon waking up, she found out that her son was gone and that he had been detained in the Huadian City Detention Center. She herself suffered a broken foot, which is severely swollen, and she can no longer walk.

Telephone Numbers:

Huadian City Committee Office
Deputy Director's Office: 0432-6223341, 0432-6223090
Secretary's Office: 0432-6222681
Comprehensive Section Office: 0432-6223465
Secrecy Section: 0432-6222915
Supervision Section:0432-6244800
Confidential Section: 0432-6223919
Duty Room: 0432-6222019

Huadian City Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs
Secretary's Office: 0432-6222350
Comprehensive Office: 0432-6222474

Huadian City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau
Main Office: 0432-6223363
Chief's Office: 0432-6222904
Vice Secretary's Office: 0432-6222074
Appeals Office: 0432-6223261
Interrogation Office:0432-6225544
Law Enforcement Supervision Office: 0432-6222806

Huadian City People's Congress
Director's Office: 0432-6225517
Main Office: 0432-6222826

The list of Evil people in Huadian City

Yu Guahua, Mayor
Wu Chengzhi, City Committee Secretary
Wang XX, Chief of Huadian Police Station|
Yu Jinji, Division Chief of the Political Safety Office of Huadian Police Station
Yang Feng, Surveillance Division of Huadian Police Station
Cao Yang, Assistant Officer in the Qixin Police Substation in Huadian city
Guo Decai, Policeman in Qixin Police Substation in Huadian City
Liu Bo, Chief officer of Detention Center in Huadian City

Yinmahe Detention Center in Jiutai City: 0431-2323533, 0431-2323511, 0431-2341783

Yang Yong, Detention Center Chief (now Guo Yipin?)
Guo Junpeng, Assistant-Chief (now Meng Xianglin?)
Meng Xianglin: Adviser of the first division in Yinmahe Detention Center in Jiutai City
Li Chengzhong: Second Division Chief
Sun Qiuwei: Second Division Assistant-Chief, 0431-2218686
Li Yanqiu, Fifth Division Chief
Li Yu, Sixth Division Chief
Wang Xiuyan, Advisor of the Sixth Division
Liu Zhenfa, Police in Sixth Division
Xu Xuejin, Subdivision Chief, 0431-2218696
Wang Xuyou, Subdivision Chief, 0431-2218824
Pan XX, Subdivision Chief, 0431-2218735
Evil policemen: Shi Chunfeng, Lu Yanhui, Gao Chunbo and others.