When Dafa practitioners searched the collection at the Central Library in a major Canadian city for the availability of information on Falun Gong, the first title that came up was a Chinese book of hate literature called "Fa lun gong jui pou: yi wei hai wai xue". In English this translates to "Dissecting Falun Gong: An Overseas Student's Perspective". This book was withdrawn voluntarily by library staff the first week of June after speaking with a Dafa practitioner, who provided them with a translation of selected parts of the book. The library conducted its own review of the book and determined that it went beyond the library's standard of a "reasoned argument."

When practitioners first realized the nature of the material in the library, they gathered together and sent forth righteous thoughts and discussed how to best rectify this situation. Practitioners clarified the truth to the library staff and were initially told that because of academic "freedom" they could not remove it from their shelves.

Practitioners discussed further their understandings of the situation and decided that they would provide the library staff with a translation of the material so they could evaluate it for themselves. A second appointment was made and while practitioners in various cities sent forth righteous thoughts, another practitioner met with the acting head librarian. By clarifying the truth again, and by showing the translation, she realized the evil nature of the propaganda against Falun Gong. She offered to begin a procedure called "A Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials" which had several stages. In this case an independent translation was needed. Fortunately, they even had someone on staff who could do that. Practitioners were assured that this person was not someone who had been exposed to propaganda in China; in fact the translator was Caucasian.

Practitioners then contacted the Hate Crimes Unit of the local Police and told them that the library was reviewing the book, and that to save them an unnecessary translation they might want to contact the library staff. Within just a few days, practitioners were informed that the library had reviewed the book and they agreed that it had to be withdrawn it from their collection.

We would urge practitioners in other parts of the world to search their local libraries for books that spread hateful material about Falun Gong, and then to bring awareness of such information to the attention of police and staff.