The Hebei Province Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp used all kinds of means to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. So far it's known that six practitioners have been tortured to death in that particular forced labor camp. They are: Xue Xia, Song Xingguo, Liu Erzeng, Zhang Jianxun, Wei Chaozong, and Tao Hongsheng. In addition, practitioner Li Huiqi's lower body became paralyzed after inhumane tortures. Here, we are exposing the camp's vicious actions against Falun Dafa practitioners.

In Group Three, the officers imposed physical punishments and cruel tortures on determined Falun Dafa practitioners. They forced the practitioners to squat in front of a wall, bent over with their arms raised and completely still for long periods of time. They deprived the practitioners of sleep and beat them with pick handles. They hit practitioners' wrists, ankles, knees, and backbones with sticks. They squeezed practitioners' muscles with grips and squashed their toes with iron sticks. They hit practitioners' hands with shoe soles. They burned practitioners' mouths and noses with burning cigarettes. They poked practitioners' bodies, fingers, and nails with needles and jabbed practitioners' anuses with pick handles. They also forced the practitioners to work for extended hours, which made the practitioners very weak and seriously affected their eyesight.

In Group Five, camp officials assigned two drug-addicts to monitor each practitioner. They followed their practitioner everywhere, even to bathroom. The criminals would beat up the practitioners whenever they tried to practice Falun Dafa exercises. They also whipped practitioners with leather belts. The officers hung practitioners up with ropes and locked them in separate cells. A practitioner in his sixties was pulled out and forced to stand in the snow in his bare feet, with his nose sticking to a window. They inhumanely tortured practitioners who refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa.

In Group Two, in order to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their practice, the officials wouldn't allow the practitioners to sleep. Five or six people surrounded each practitioner and tried their best to brainwash him. They tried to crush the practitioners mentally.

A certain practitioner was illegally sentenced to three years' imprisonment in a forced labor camp in the winter of 1999. He was sent to this camp's Group Four. That practitioner is very determined and refused to give up practicing Dafa. Later he was transferred to Group Three. The officials and some criminals beat him up so badly that he almost lost his eyesight and became completely numb below his waist. The labor camp was afraid of being held responsible, so they agreed to let him out for medical treatment.

The physical and mental tortures that the practitioners in the Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp have been suffering are reaching the limit of their endurance. One practitioner wrote, "I was illegally sentenced to one year's imprisonment in a forced labor camp in the summer of 2001. They took me to the Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp. As soon as I arrived, they tried to force me to write the so-called "guarantee letters" to give up practicing Dafa. They also tried to get my fingerprints and take my picture. I refused. Later they came up to me and pulled my fingers to forcibly get my fingerprints. Then they cuffed me to another practitioner for a long time. Later, in order to get me to write the guarantee letters, five or six people cruelly beat me up. They hung me up, gave me electric shocks, made me stand still for long periods of time, and deprived me of sleep. A captain from one group wrote something on a piece of paper cursing Teacher and forced me to wear that piece of paper. He said, "Don't even think about taking it off if you don't write the 'guarantee letters'." Then they sent me to a brainwashing class. They continued to try to force me to swear at the Fa and at Teacher. I refused. Seeing that I wouldn't give in, they cuffed me to the heating pipes in an office and made me stand there, absolutely still. They didn't allow me to sleep. I had to stand there day after day. I'm reaching the limit of what I can bear..."