One unforgettable day in 1997, I encountered a group of Dafa practitioners doing Falun Gong exercises and started practicing with them. A few days later I acquired a copy of Zhuan Falun. Since then, I realized that the purpose for human beings living on this earth is to return to their true, original selves, not to live for selfish pursuits. I have not lived this life in vain, because I have been fortunate enough to obtain the Fa.

In the past few years of studying the Fa and assisting in Fa-rectification, I have experienced the benevolence of Master and the mighty power of the Fa from many touching occurrences around me. Recently something happened in my household that astonished almost everyone in the city.

On the afternoon of January 30 (on the Chinese lunar calendar), my three-year-old grandson leaned out of a third floor window in order to see some flying kites. He leaned too far and fell out onto the ground. The ground is very hard and there was nothing there to cushion the fall. After the fall, my grandson lay on the ground unconscious. Everyone thought he was dead. As soon as I found out I burst out crying; however, I immediately changed my thinking to reflect my belief that he would be protected by Master and the Fa. Master said: "We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun Lecture 4: Upgrading Xinxing). After my grandson was sent to a hospital, doctors did a complete examination on him and declared that he was not injured by the accident, and not even a slight scratch was found on his body. He was only kept in the hospital for two days. While being released from the hospital, my grandson talked and laughed normally as if nothing had ever happened to him.

Please think about it, even an adult falling from a three-story building would have been seriously injured, let alone a fragile three-year-old toddler. However, this miracle happened in the family of a Dafa practitioner. When my grandson was in the hospital, many of our friends and relatives came to visit him. Whenever people came I would tell them: this miracle was made possible by the mighty power of the Fa and by the protection from Master.