Practitioner A: We feel that truth-clarifying work regarding Jiang's trial is pretty half-hearted. Other practitioners don't respond to any information we send out. It is actually an illusion created by the evil that makes us feel indifferent. In fact, it is the evil that is scared.

Practitioner B: Lacking wisdom, most of us are at a point of "saturation," feeling that we have enough to do and don't have time to cover more. Actually the result is not as important as the process, because during this process we are clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa and offering salvation to people around the world using the wisdom that Dafa bestows upon us, and meanwhile we are upgrading ourselves. Only when we, as a whole body, achieve further understanding of the Fa during Fa-rectification and can meet the standard required at our level will our plans work out righteously, as they should. In most cases, however, our situation is just the opposite. We are usually forced to move forward reluctantly when things become extremely urgent. Although our plans can help some practitioners step forward or do better in Fa-rectification, studying and understanding the Fa is the fastest way for us to raise our level in cultivation practice. And righteous behavior out of righteous thoughts is the fastest way with the best outcome.

Practitioner C: When we were clarifying the truth to a local MP's constituent office, a legislative assistant said to us that Jiang should be brought before the International Criminal Court. They are waiting for us to explain the truth to them! When we feel reluctant to move forward in truth-clarification, it is usually due to a shortage of people and time. Do practitioners in North America have more potentialities that have yet to be fully utilized? Yes, a lot. But it seems that we need to be challenged to do so. Often, we regard sending forth righteous thoughts as the last resort when we cannot find better ways in the human world. This is completely wrong. It is not righteous itself.

Practitioner D: The International Criminal Court was possibly established for this reason. If we all realize the need to achieve this goal among human beings, it becomes much easier for us to work on it. If we all understand the need for Fa-rectification at this point, we can make it. The key lies in the improvement of ourselves -- whether we require ourselves to upgrade to the corresponding mental level.

Practitioner E: If our overall situation doesn't meet the requirements of Fa-rectification, we cannot do better in influencing the human society and helping it move in the right direction required by the Fa-rectification.

Practitioner F: Practitioners in the Changchun region tapped into local cable TV programming. They have already broken through the so-called "law" mentality that the evil employs in persecuting Falun Dafa. Whatever it is in human society, if it damages human morality or interferes with the human right of being informed, it is aiding the evil and should be justly denied. When the "tapping" issue occurred, practitioners outside China didn't come to a good understanding from the perspective of the Fa until Teacher's article "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts" pointed it out. However, some practitioners who are not diligent enough in studying the Fa may not truly understand it even now.

Practitioner G: A great way is extremely simple and easy. To explain the truth of Falun Dafa directly is the right way to break through the barriers made by the old forces. Whatever government Department doesn't know the truth, we should go directly to that Department and clarify the truth. In this regard, the lawyer in Jiang's trial has given a clear explanation and paved the way for us to clarify the truth. We need to further break through our barriers.

Practitioner H: The case of "Blocking the Streets" in Hong Kong is a lesson to us. In the beginning, we didn't try to clarify the truth substantially to society, which resulted in a very passive situation. Later on, we all understood from the perspective of the Fa and began to explain the truth to society and people all over the world. The situation changed right away. Concerning Jiang's trial, we should definitely remember that lesson and never ignore the most fundamental thing -- truth-clarification.

Practitioner I: Fa-rectification has higher and higher requirements for all practitioners as a whole. Indifference is interference and causes damage, so the old forces are trying every possible means to create indifference among practitioners.

Practitioner J: Another phenomenon is the old forces trying their utmost to degrade our level, which we should raise, by keeping us from doing all the things that we should do. Recently we came to a realization that, even though after discussion and experience sharing we usually have very good ideas, when we put them into practice, the original idea funnels into an individual action. For example, we should keep all organizations and groups that show concern about Jiang's trial well informed. But when we started to work on it, we ended up making phone calls to offices to schedule appointments to meet with officials, while the original idea of sending out information packages on a large scale was delayed.

Practitioner K: Right. In another example, during an experience sharing conference a practitioner suggested a global truth-clarifying activity about Jiang's trial. When the practitioner wrote it out, however, the suggestion became a simple application issue. We should be very clear in our minds about such interference and damage.

Practitioner L: It is very important to share our experience based on the Fa. In addition, action is also very important. Therefore, practitioners working on these projects must make sure the content of our experience sharing merges into our actions. This will make it easier for practitioners who are not involved in the projects to participate.

Practitioner M: No matter what the project is, we can do it step by step. Take the SOS campaign as an example. It started with an "SOS Walk" in each country. The "SOS Walk" didn't directly rescue practitioners from prisons or labor camps, but it did achieve the function of educating people -- letting more people know about the persecution in China -- and laid a good foundation for later rescue work. Jiang's trial can be done step by step as well. What's the most important thing at the moment? Letting people from all walks of life know of the trial and its crucial importance and keeping all people and organizations that should know the details of this trial informed. What's next? Combine all the social forces that are willing to help support this effort and provide them with space and a stage so that they can play their roles. Our task is to help them to fulfill their desire to give help and support. It is also the process of offering salvation to them out of our compassion.

Practitioner N: Practitioners as a whole body should go beyond the petty details, focusing on the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. It is very important to clarify the truth to all governments of all nations on a large scale. When we were rescuing Wang Yuzhi, we intentionally changed from the way we acted in the past, focusing on Jiang's trial and Jiang's "genocide" crime. As a result, a better effect was achieved.

Practitioner O: I met with some government officers and told them about Jiang's trial and his crime of "genocide." I gave them the facts about China's current economic situation. I told them that conscience should not be betrayed because of profits. I also told them about the great influence and decisive significance of Falun Gong in present-day China as well as in the future. They listened to me carefully, nodding their heads constantly. It is important for us to show a higher state of mind and an overall consideration in clarifying the truth. We can talk from many aspects and help the audience to get a thorough understanding of the truth.

Practitioner P: Experience sharing in different areas is very effective. There are many things that cannot be done by a single practitioner. Especially with regard to the issue of Jiang's trial, the participation of all practitioners in the world is needed. While this does not mean that everybody should go and deliver information packages, it does mean we should know about the progress of the trial and support it with our righteous thoughts so that it can be done smoothly. Practitioners in different regions should voluntarily inquire about the progress of the trial, share their experiences and understandings from the perspective of the Fa, and actively cooperate with the overall work of truth-clarification in local areas. We can thereby help the trial go smoothly.