May 21, 2003


1. On March 2, 2002, I was abducted by officers from the local police station and taken to a detention center. The police confiscated many Dafa truth-clarifying materials when they searched my home. The Political and Security Section officials asked me where I had obtained the materials, but I refused to answer them. Days later, they asked me to write a guarantee stating that I would not practice Falun Gong in the future and my views about Falun Gong. I wrote about how I had benefited from practicing Falun Gong and how good Falun Gong is, and that the lies spread by the government propaganda are inconsistent with what I had experienced. I hoped that they could learn the truth and release me. Fifteen days later, I was sent to a brainwashing class. There, I refused to comply with their orders. Under the empowerment of Teacher and the help of fellow practitioners outside the labor camp, I escaped by climbing over the wall surrounding the brainwashing center.

2. On July 20, 2002, I was abducted again. While recording my testimony, the officers said that the brainwashing class had been disbanded because I managed to leave the brainwashing center on my own, which enraged the leaders. They said the appearance of Dafa truth-clarifying materials and banners in the neighboring village was my doing, and that they wanted to send me to a forced labor camp.

As soon as I heard their intention to send me to a forced labor camp, I started sending forth righteous thoughts to negate their intent. While being detained, I went on a hunger strike and used every opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions. Three days later, in the morning, police sent me to a forced labor camp. My mind was very clear. As a Dafa practitioner, I could not follow the arrangements made by the old forces. I cleared my own thoughts, and then started sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the way to the forced labor camp, I chatted with the two young police officers escorting me. I guided the topic to Falun Gong. When they asked about the "Tiananmen Immolation," I analyzed the events that occurred, answered their questions, and told them the facts. They nodded. One of them said: "The government says they are right, you say you are right. It takes time to verify the issue. I believe that in the future the truth will come to light." I told them to read the book Zhuan Falun so they could truly understand Falun Gong. I asked them not to do anything harmful to Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously during the trip, with only two thoughts in my mind: to negate the old forces' arrangements of sending me to a labor camp, and that I must return to the Fa-rectification process. After I arrived, the camp doctor checked my electrocardiogram three times, and he concluded that I had a heart problem. Finally, the doctor told the police officers: "Just take her back home. The electrocardiogram is here. You should be responsible, just take her back." In this way, their plan to send me to the forced labor camp failed.

3. After returning to my home town, I was held in the detention center. I remembered that in similar cases, one practitioner had been released in a few days. I thought that I should be released soon, so I did not go on a hunger strike. But 3 days passed, then 5 days, and I still was not released. I thought that since I had sent forth righteous thoughts every day, they should release me after 15 days at the very most. They asked me to be the head of the cell. One night, I could not fall asleep. Soon 18 days had passed. No one had talked to me, and there was no sign that I would be released.

An idea formed in my mind: I would recite Dafa articles to myself. In my mind, I recited all of the Dafa articles published after 2000, then "Lunyu," and then "True Cultivation." Then my thoughts suddenly jumped to Teacher's article "Expounding on the Fa." When I recited the part that said:

"Whenever a tribulation comes, you do not see it with the side of your original nature but view it completely with your human side. Evil demons then capitalize on this point and inflict endless interference and damage, leaving students in long-term tribulations."

I was shocked. Then I continued:

"When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test. If it continues endlessly and if there do not exist other problems in your Xinxing or conduct, it must be that the evil demons are capitalizing on the weak spots caused by your lack of control. After all, a cultivator is not an ordinary human. So why doesn't the side of you that is your original nature rectify the Fa?"

My mind became clearer. I recited "Expounding on the Fa" several times, and enlightened to the following: As a Dafa practitioner, how could I expect any "favors" from the old forces? If my actions were not righteous, how could the evils let me off? Later I learned that the police had prepared to send me to a forced labor camp for a second time; but because of my righteous thoughts, the plan was not executed.

I could not just wait passively any more. I should take the initiative to eliminate the evil. So I started a hunger strike. Each day, I cleansed my thoughts and then sent forth righteous thoughts to negate the evil persecution.

On the morning of August 18, 2002, the fifth day after I started the hunger strike, after I sent forth righteous thoughts, I formed a thought in my mind aimed at the people in charge of my case: "You should release me unconditionally, you have no choice!" Then I talked to Teacher in my mind: "Dear Teacher, I have decided to take the initiative, and let my mind be in conformity with the current requirements of Dafa. I want to leave the detention center to fulfill my historic duties."

After eating breakfast, I suddenly went into an abnormal state. I was quickly taken to the city hospital. Twenty-four hours later, I was still in a weak state with irregular blood pressure and heart beat. Seeing the situation, the local leaders informed the police station and my family to hurry up and take me home. When my family members arrived, I was handed over to them and the police quickly left. Thus I was unconditionally released.

4. This experience showed the importance of assimilating to Dafa. I gained a better understanding about why Teacher has been emphasizing the extreme importance of Fa-study. As a Dafa practitioner, only when we have assimilated to Dafa can we be right in our cultivation. I gained a better understanding of Teacher's article "Digging Out the Roots":

"It is extremely dangerous to add anything human to cultivation practice."

It also brought to mind Teacher's words:

"Fa can break up any evils..."


"Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts are powerful."

I realized that anything that is not assimilated to Dafa would show its negative side in front of Dafa. If we study Dafa frequently, whenever there is a problem, we will know to look inward and find out where the reason lies and how to find solutions. If we are always thinking about Dafa and acting with righteous thoughts, the old forces will come to an end. The day when the Fa rectifies the human world will then arrive sooner.