(Clearwisdom.net) One police officer in a certain city was assigned to be in charge of persecuting local Falun Gong Practitioners. Several months later, none of the local practitioners were arrested or detained. When the higher authorities checked his performance, this police officer told them his thoughts, "They are just practicing cultivation to have better health. I won't interfere with that." As a result, this officer was fired. Later, this city had an opening for the position of City Public Security Division Chief. Among all the other applicants, this officer had the highest score during the interview exam and got the position. After returning to work, he always helped others at work, especially the poor and needy. Once, when he refused to break rules and do a favor for a city government official, that official suggested firing him again. This time the city police chief refused, saying, "We cannot fire such a good officer. Our country needs good officers like him!"

May 18, 2003