(Clearwisdom.net May 16, 2003)

As a barber and the owner of my own business, I make full use of my small barbershop to tell the facts about Falun Gong to those who have predestined relationships.

Sometimes I am busy, so when the customers wait in line for my service, they usually read the materials I put there. In this way they have opportunities to come to know the truth, and some of them take the materials home, especially those concerning the issues they don't understand. Sometimes, they ask me questions in person the next time they come in. Because some of my customers not only listen to my explanations, but also want to let their family members know the truth, they make appointments with me to pick up more materials later. I keep collecting the relevant information to answer their questions.

One night I was riding my bicycle home after getting some pictures from a fellow practitioner. When I arrived home, I found that the pictures I had put in my pocket were gone. After thinking it over, I decided that I had to get the pictures back. Pushing my bike, I went back along the road patiently. About one and a half hours later, I picked up three pictures and found another five in the middle of a major road. With righteous thoughts in my mind, I retrieved three of them during a break in the flow of traffic. As I was about to pick up the other two, a police car drove up right behind me. Without hesitation I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts, thinking, "You guys stay in the car; I need to get the materials back!" As I picked up the pictures, I had a peaceful feeling in my heart. I also noticed that the four policemen in the car gave me ferocious looks but with dull-witted facial expressions. In the headlights of the police car, I spotted another picture, so I stood by a nearby telephone booth and held my palm erect to send forth righteous thoughts. The police car moved away slowly about two minutes later. Then, I went and picked up the picture.

One day when a fellow practitioner came to have his hair cut, he gave me a disk that he had found by the road. It was tarnished with dark oil and showed signs of severe wear and tear on one side. He sighed, "Those people are so pitiful! They don't understand how to cherish these precious materials." Looking at the disk, I said, "Don't worry. The Falun Dafa material is supernormal. It must work well!" I cleaned up the disk with shampoo and returned it to the fellow practitioner. After lunch, he came back again with a smile, "Yes, indeed! The disk still has a good, clear quality. I am going to send it to my aunt. Its content is exactly what she needs to watch."

As Falun Gong practitioners, we are supposed to cherish every piece of truth-clarification material. Our compassion to the people in the world, our mind and our performance reflect the truth. The precious materials are the product of the practitioners' hard work; the materials tell the people of Teacher's compassion; the materials display the mighty virtue of Falun Dafa and the practitioners' righteous minds; the materials help the people understand the truth, be saved from lies and have a wonderful future.

Written on 5/12/2003