May 10, 2003


In mid March 2002, a group of police in the Newcomer Team of Deyang Prison forced practitioners Tao Changquan, Chen Yonghe, and Hu Hua to read articles that slandered Dafa. The practitioners refused. Tao Changquan said: "These articles are all fabricated lies to deceive people." The police became angry. They battered and shocked him with a 10,000-volt electric baton. Mr. Tao was beaten to the ground and lost consciousness. Then the police shut him up in a guardhouse.

In Sept 2002, Policeman Cui Weigang from the "610 Office"* forcefully subjected practitioner Zeng Yuxian to brainwashing. Zeng Yuxian clarified the truth to him and refused to give up his belief. Police Cui Weigang became enraged and suddenly hit Zeng Yuxian's face with his fist. Zeng Yuxian didn't see it coming, so a tooth was knocked out and his mouth began to bleed. After that, Police Cui Weigang refused Zeng Yuxian first aid and shut him up in the guardhouse for "self-examination."

Police in Deyang Prison not only beat up practitioners themselves, but also incited criminals who had committed violent crimes to beat up practitioners. On April 2002, police told criminal Wen Ke to beat up 73-year old practitioner Xu Renwu, breaking Xu's nose. After the incident, criminal Wen Ke wasn't punished and was rewarded with a commuted sentence. On May 2002, in front of the Newcomer's Team and hundreds of people, criminal Zhong Jiabing punched and kicked practitioner Liang Junhua, just because he refused to learn songs that slandered Dafa. Afterwards criminal Zhong wasn't punished, but praised by the prison at the end of the year.

In August 2001, through the Newcomer's Tight Monitoring Team, criminal Yang Guangchuan privately punished practitioner Chen Kaixiang, having him stand for a few days while often being beaten. Chen was tortured into a delirious state. The prison commuted Yang's sentence immediately, and released him in the first half year of 2002. At the end of July 2002, police incited drug criminal Zhen Tianping, to force practitioner Liu Wangquan to stand under the scorching sun for long periods of time. Liu's legs had been injured before and had not recovered. His thigh was supported with a metal splint. He was forced to stand for more than 40 hours continuously.

*The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.