Two years ago, I received a letter from a college friend with whom I had not been in touch for a long time. The letter said, "After graduating from college I had a car accident. No matter how hard I tried to recover, I could not recover completely... Since obtaining Dafa, I practice everyday and my old wounds have been completely cured. Confronted with things around me, whether they are positive or negative, my state of mind is very different than before..." These words made a very deep impression on me. They led me to learn about Dafa and firmly believe in the path of cultivation. After obtaining the Fa, I suddenly realized the meaning and preciousness of life.

When I first began practicing Falun Dafa, the principles from Master Li's Zhuan Falun appeared in front of my eyes one by one. Eliminating karma, xinxing (moral character, mind nature) obstacles, energy fields and other dimensions are very real. Learning these things reinforced my faith in cultivation.

I have cultivated for two years. My xinxing continues to improve. My thoughts gradually become clearer and purer. Improper thoughts have become less and less and I am able to confront problems with different points of view than before. I am no longer trapped in the quicksand of worry and anxiety, especially in terms of conflicts within the family and at work. I do not overly worry about success or failure. I can always see more room for improvement. The discovery and exposure of every attachment is the beginning of my elevation. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to Master Li. Thank you Master Li.

Every time when I see a new article from Master Li on Clearwisdom, it is as if I am a piece of parched earth obtaining rain again. I also understand that Master Li is looking after every practitioner, continuously protecting us with compassion and enabling the lives in the maze to obtain direction.

Master Li said,

"Because one is deluded, it is also most painful. With this body, one is made to suffer. If a person wants to return from this dimension to his origin, the Tao School says that he must practice cultivation to return to his original, true self. If he has the heart for cultivation practice, it is his Buddha-nature that has emerged. This heart is considered most precious, and people will help him. Under such difficult circumstances, this person is still not lost and wants to come back. As a result, people will help him and unconditionally give him a hand--they will help him with anything." (Zhuan Falun)

A human life lasts for only a handful or so of decades. Some people wander around aimlessly, while some do righteous things with righteous thoughts and manifest the behavior of cultivators. Dear friends, please come and find out about Dafa, there are experiences from over 100 million people for your reference. Please don't miss this rare opportunity.