(Clearwisdom.net) During the "May Day" holiday of 2003, Spanish practitioners met together in Madrid to study the Fa [principles and teachings of Falun Dafa] and share experiences. They also used the time to send forth righteous thoughts together.

In the early morning of May 3rd, after practicing the Dafa exercises, practitioners went to Chinatown in the center of Madrid to speak with the Chinese people about Falun Gong and to help them see through the lies created by the Jiang regime. This event was different from the past because western practitioners also joined the activity and clarified the truth to the Chinese people. Chinatown in Madrid is a place where practitioners often go to talk with Chinese people about Falun Dafa. Hundreds of Chinese people gather in Chinatown, including locals, tourists and shopkeepers. There are also many Chinese businessmen, from the local area or elsewhere, who go to Chinatown to do business.

Every time practitioners go to Chinatown, they find that Chinese people's attitude towards Dafa is changing. The first time practitioners visited, nearly every shop refused Dafa materials. They even shouted and swore while refusing the leaflets. However, the practitioners kept persevering and trying to clarify the truth to the people who have been deceived by the lies and slander created by the Jiang regime to hide their inhumane persecution. This time, when practitioners went to Chinatown to clarify the truth, many people happily accepted the latest Video-CDs and other materials, and kept expressing their thanks.

When practitioners went into one shop and said the words "Falun Gong", the shopkeeper immediately said: "I know Falun Gong. I have watched your VCD. Every one of you looks so healthy and pleasant. I believe Falun Gong must be good. I have wanted to learn Falun Gong from you for a long time now". He continued by enquiring about the exercise site and how to contact local practitioners.

Another shopkeeper said after receiving a VCD: "I've never believed the propaganda from Jiang's party. Judging from the movements in history, Jiang's party is used to deceiving the public with lies to achieve its aims. I've never believed their pack of lies. Falun Gong must be good, or there wouldn't be so many people practicing".

On the way to Chinatown, practitioners gave a leaflet to a passer-by. When this person saw it was about Falun Gong, he quickly waved his hand and said, "I don't want it. I don't want it! Falun Gong is so scary! So many people have died!" He was rushing to leave while still talking to us. A practitioner, who saw that he was poisoned very deeply by Jiang's lies, quickly spoke to him. "Your accent sounds northeastern?" He answered, "Right. I'm a northeasterner." The practitioners asked, "How many years have you been abroad?" "More than ten years." The practitioners continued to ask, "Many people practice Falun Gong in China's northeast. Do any of your relatives or friends practice?" He answered, "They all live abroad." The practitioner said, "No wonder! You have not been back to China for so long, so you don't know how good Falun Gong is..." Then, the practitioner told him the truth about Falun Gong, from its rapid development and prosperity to how Jiang Zemin begun the brutal persecution out of suspicion and jealousy, and to "the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square" directed by the Jiang regime in order to defame Falun Gong. Finally, that person understood! He said, "Now I know the truth. Jiang has harmed so many good people. Even God will not forgive him! Give me the VCD. I want all my friends to watch it." The lies that the Jiang regime created were quickly exposed.

A little later, practitioners went to a fish shop. When the shopkeeper saw the badges, "Falun Dafa is good," he knew that practitioners were there to distribute materials. The shopkeeper took the materials and chatted with practitioners, "You say that Falun Gong is good, but the Chinese government said that you Falun Gong practitioners committed suicide. Who is telling the truth? I don't know." A Chinese practitioner pointed to some western practitioners and said, "You can ask them whether there have been any western practitioners committing suicide, as so many western people practice Falun Gong. All countries in the world welcome Falun Gong except China. Why isn't there any practitioner 'committing suicide' in other countries apart from China?" After carefully thinking about it, that person told the other Chinese people in the shop, "That's true. We really have never heard of any practitioner committing suicide in other countries. It seems that Jiang's party is telling lies again to defame Falun Gong."

When entering every shop, western practitioners continually handed people VCD's and other materials while smiling and saying "Falun Dafa Hao" ["Falun Dafa is good" in Chinese]. Then they would ask the Chinese people in the shops, "Did what I say sound correct?" The shopkeepers would correct their pronunciation by saying, "Fa-Lun-Da-Fa-Hao." The western practitioners would repeat the correction again and again, and the Chinese people also happily taught them again and again. All of a sudden, the entire shop was full of laughter and joy and ringing with the words, "Falun Dafa is good." We believe that after watching the new VCD, and reading the new materials, will help people gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of Falun Dafa.