1. Making Phone Calls

It was very difficult for me to make phone calls. Every time I read an article on the Clearwisdom website about fellow practitioners who have passed away due to the persecution, I felt extremely sad. Sometimes I faced the screen with my eyes full of tears. I really wanted to call those perpetrators directly, but I was afraid to make the phone call and had a feeling of helplessness in my heart.

Later I found out there was a telephone team. Moreover, I saw the fellow practitioners in the telephone team sharing their understandings so well together. I thought since they were doing so well making calls, I should just diligently concentrate on what I should do. When I saw the persecution cases again on Clearwisdom, I just skipped them.

Recently the telephone team has been sending out an email every day. The emails included details of persecution cases and telephone numbers. In the beginning, I had a look and ignored it. Later on, I started to feel restless. Is making phone calls really only the job of the telephone team? What should I do, and what shouldn't I do? As said by a practitioner in the article entitled "Do not differentiate between Fa-rectification projects, A great way has no form but exists as a whole" (This article was commented on by Teacher): "When we as individuals regard projects that are not assigned to ourselves as other people's things, our whole body would be unwittingly divided into many small pieces, and the powerful strength as a whole would be weakened into scattered pockets of strength. Moreover, when we have different opinions or have arguments, we would further weaken each other's strength."

I started to consider making phone calls to China.

On the first night, I looked at the telephone and paced around the room a few times. Then I remembered that I had not finished writing an article. I felt relieved and sat down to write the article.

On the second night, I looked at the telephone and paced around the room a few times again. Then I remembered that I had to edit a TV program. I felt relieved and sat down to edit the TV program.

On the third day, a fellow practitioner who often makes the phone calls, said to me: "You can do this. The first call, you can just say one sentence: 'Falun Dafa is good!' If you are too nervous, then just hang up. The second call, you can say: 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good!' The third call, you can say: 'Falun Dafa is good, it is wrong to persecute Falun Gong in China."

On the third night, I sat next to the telephone, opened up the relevant information and studied for half an hour. I felt that no matter what, I had to make the phone call today. Finally, I made a call to my aunty that I had been putting off for the past two years.

On the fourth night, I sat next to the telephone. I opened up the relevant information and studied for half an hour. I felt sorry for myself. I had been practicing Falun Gong for so long, yet I was so afraid of making a phone call. Where did this fear come from? I said to myself, "If you do not make the phone call today, you really do not measure up to being Teacher's student." I picked up the phone. Originally, I just wanted to say one sentence: "Falun Dafa is good!" I ended up talking to the other person for more than ten minutes. I told the other person about the establishment of "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" in America and that Jiang had been sued overseas.

After I put down the phone, my whole body unexpectedly trembled. I felt that there really was a layer of matter that had made me afraid. All sorts of human attachments had prevented me from making the phone calls. If I didn't break through it, it would stubbornly keep me from doing so. However, when I can truly and bravely break through it, it was nothing.

2. Abandon Attachments Without Omission

There is a fellow practitioner who does not miss any chance to clarify the truth, and the effect of introducing Falun Gong is very good. What she said deeply impressed me. She said that when we clarified the truth, we should be like a pure and innocent child with a colorful and beautiful balloon in the hand. The child wants to tell every one how beautiful his balloon is, and in his heart he does not first appraise what kind of person the other person is. He only has a very pure aim, that is to tell people about the beauty of this balloon. However, we Dafa practitioners also have only one aim, that is to tell people that Dafa is good. When we can abandon our human attachments, there is only compassion in our hearts. Teacher said,

"There is sacrifice in forbearance, and a complete sacrifice is a higher principle of non-omission." ("Perfect Harmony" from Essentials for Further Advancement)


"Sacrifice is evidenced by one's being detached from ordinary human attachments. If a person can indeed calmly abandon everything with his heart being unaffected, he is actually at that level already. Yet cultivation practice is to improve yourself: You are already able to abandon the attachment, so why not also abandon the fear of attachment, itself? Isn't abandonment without omission a higher sacrifice?" ("Non-Omission" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

When I read these two articles written by Teacher again, I understood further. No matter what kind of Fa-rectification work we do: making phone calls, faxing or doing TV work, newspaper, or clarifying the truth to every level of the government; if we truly regard ourselves as enlightened beings, if we can truly abandon our human attachments, if we can truly achieve "being free of attachments," then we should not have any worries or so-called barriers when we clarify the truth to people. Everything we do should be pure and wonderful. All the barriers actually come from ourselves, as it is our own attachments and omissions that are interfering and hindering ourselves.

Now when I make the phone calls, I am very calm. I clearly feel that the layers of thick matter that surrounded me have disappeared. I feel so pure and that my words have power. Simultaneously I also feel the Fa has entrusted me with inexhaustible wisdom and strength.

Finally I would like to read Teacher's poem again:

Hurry Up And Tell Them

As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them.

This article is part of my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out any shortcomings.