The day before the Chinese New Year, I took a train back to my hometown. On the train, a man with a benevolent demeanor was handing out free pamphlets to the passengers. I accepted a copy and found that those pamphlets were Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The man looked very calm and fearless, confident and determined. All of a sudden I realized that I was much less courageous than he was. Soon after, the practitioner moved on into the next compartment, and moments later a conductor and some railroad employees entered into my compartment. One of the employees examined the pamphlets the passengers were holding. Seeing that it was truth-clarifying material, he took off running after the practitioner into the next compartment. Seeing that, I began sending forth righteous thoughts right away, hoping that the practitioner could escape this imminent confrontation and finish his work successfully all the way through the entire train.

A young man sitting across from me had trouble understanding why the man risked so much to pass out truth-clarifying material. I said to him: "He is trying to help everybody who is being deceived." The young man replied: "How could he win a fight against Jiang? An arm can never be stronger than a leg." I then said, "Look how courageous he is! He knows that if he is arrested he will be imprisoned. These practitioners are very great people. If everybody was scared to clarify the truth, then there would be no truth to be found in this world." We talked about Dafa for a long time. One passenger said quietly that this practitioner was really wonderful.

The railroad employee did not take away the truth clarifying material from the passengers. The situation today is quite different from the time after the persecution first began on July 20, 1999. Nowadays people are getting to understand the truth of the persecution gradually.

As the train was reaching its final stop, I overheard two passengers arguing over the truth truth-clarifying pamphlets. One passenger said, "This is mine." Another said, " No, it is mine." I gave my copy to the female college student who had been listening to our conversation the whole time. Then this college student thanked me. She happily put the truth truth-clarifying pamphlet into the pages of her book.

After getting off the train I felt quite warm and happy. Our Master's words were lingering in my ears:

Dafa is Good

Falun Dafa is good

The colossal firmament illuminated by the Fa's light

Only after the immense force of Fa-rectification sweeps through

Are the boundless wonders known

Falun Dafa is good

Gradually entering the human realm

The sentient beings need not worry

Gods and Buddhas are already smiling