(Clearwisdom.net May 16, 2003)

"The World needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance"Some practitioners from Bavaria, Germany.
To rescue seven German practitioners' family members, we appeal to people from all walks of life to sit with us. We call upon the public to see clearly that the enactment of Hong Kong's Article 23 is another step toward forcing other countries to carry out the Chinese dictator's state-sponsored terrorism.During the event, the rain suddenly poured down. Practitioners were not moved at all.
It stopped raining after practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts.Visitors stopped and looked at the truth-clarifying posters carefully.
áExercise demonstrationA practitioner explains the facts to a passerby.
A practitioner patiently talks to a passerby, who is listening attentively.The persecution suffered by the family members of seven German Falun Gong practitioners shocked the German people.
Even in the rain, sentient beings still want to find out the truth.This person talked with a practitioner for more than half an hour.
In the rain, sentient beings still have their knowing side. (The poster showed Master's exercise demonstration)The story of Wang Lixuan and her 8-month-old son being tortured to death shocked the public.
"How many can be saved by mercy?" ("The Cleansing") A leader of the Munich Human Rights Organization came here to look at the posters about the persecuted family members that we are appealing to rescue. He said, "I want to carefully read it. How come there are so many new persecution cases?"
Many people were able to learn about the facts of the persecution.