(Clearwisdom, May 4) My husband and I are both interested in Qigong, especially my husband. He has practiced Tai Chi for more than 30 years. In March 1993, Master Li Hongzhi came to Wuhan City to give lectures. A colleague of my husband's worked very hard to obtain a ticket for me. On March 25, filled with excitement, I anxiously took a bus to the city assembly hall for the lecture. While standing in front of the city assembly hall, though, I found the inner and outer zippers of my bag were both pulled open and both my purse and the ticket had been stolen. How could I enter the hall without the ticket? I didn't even know my seating since I hadn't checked my ticket. I was wavering in front of the gate anxiously and watched others walking into the hall one after another. The lecture was going to start. What could I do? Suddenly the words "No. 9, Row 10" appeared in my mind. I immediately talked to the staff member at the gate and explained my situation and seating information. The staff member was very warmhearted and went in to check. No one was sitting in No. 9, Row 10, so I was allowed to enter. At that time, the whole assembly was completely full and even the sidewalk was crowded without an empty space.

First, a person in charge of the city Qigong Association gave a brief speech to introduce Master and explain some arrangements. Next, an elderly lady came on the stage. She slowly ran three circles around the stage and then introduced herself. She had been paralyzed in bed for three years and couldn't take care of herself. The previous day, she had listened to the hotline consultation program of Changjiang Economy Radio Station given by Master. She followed Master's instruction and a miracle happened instantly. Having just seen her running on the stage, who could believe she had been paralyzed for three years?

When the host announced the Qigong lecture would start and Master walked onto the stage, the applause from the assembly hall resounded like rolls of thunder. It didn't calm down for a long time until Master indicated several times to do so.

Master came straight to the point and mentioned that Qigong was exactly cultivation, Qigong was from a prehistoric culture and so on. He talked about the high-level principles of the Fa with the most simple and easily understood words. Until then, I realized, no matter how many Qigong lectures I had listened to, just like Master said in Zhuan Falun, the genuine high-level cultivation was totally unknown to me, a Qigong practitioner. Seeking over and over, I finally found the great Law with mighty virtue that I dreamed about. Returning home, I discussed with my husband that I was determined to attend all the classes. I would practice this Qigong only and would not be involved in any other Qigong practice.

On the fourth day, the teaching class formally started. Two days before the opening, some people wanted to videotape the class. Master said, "If I allow you to do so, you can. If not, you will not be able to record it. I think, let's not record it so that everyone can pay attention to listening to the lecture." Some people didn't believe and tried to record it. As a result, some tapes were jammed in the recorder, some were still blank with no video recorded on them, and some were broken.

One night during the period of the lecture series, I saw Master in my dream. In the dream, there was a white ladder beside Master, long and wide, all the way to the sky. Later, I realized, Master giving gong lectures was to reveal for us the ladder to heaven.

On the last night of the classes, many practitioners waited outside the assembly hall in order to see Master again. I couldn't help speaking loudly, "Goodbye, Teacher Li!" Master looked up abruptly. He looked at me and said, "Continue to practice well!" Suddenly, a warm energy current passed through my whole body. I was too moved to say anything. I followed Master with my eyes until he left. I still stood there with tears pouring out. I don't even remember how I made my way home. At the same time, I realized that losing the ticket was to test whether I was steadfast in my practice of Falun Gong. Master already was taking care of me before I saw him. I also realized why I lost 200 Yuan in my stolen purse. It was not an accident and there was a reason behind it. I had taken advantage of a company benefit, acquiring a company badge for my son to ride the bus for free. The money I lost was about what it would cost to buy a student bus pass. It is indeed "no loss, no gain."

One month after I attained the Fa, I started a cleansing process to remove my Karma. I had had enteritis for more than 10 years. I started to find blood in my stool that was about a few hundredths of a liter each time, occurring over a period of about two weeks. Although there was no Dafa book at that time, I remembered what Master had taught: "When you feel worse, it means that, "when something reaches the extreme it reverses," and your whole body will be purified. It has to be completely purified. The root of your health problem has been plucked out now, and only that little bit of black qi is left, coming out on its own, so that you have a little hardship and go through some difficulty. If you didn't bear anything it really wouldn't work."( "Second Talk," Zhuan Falun, 2003) Soon, the disease was cured. One time, I had a stomachache. It was so unbearable that I kept rolling on the bed. I remembered that Master said, "So purifying a body like that all at once, there just have to be reactions. That's why you'll have reactions." ("Second Talk," Zhuan Falun, 2003) After I realized that, the pain was gone.

On September 25 that year, Master came to Wuhan City again to give lectures. Master came directly from the airport to the college to teach the class. There were several thousand people in the class. An elderly man sat beside me. During a break, he told me that he had attended the class five times. This time he followed Master from Guiyang City. He pointed out more than 10 elderly people besides him and told me they were all his classmates in the college. After receiving his call, they came here from Nanjing City. He said he would continue to attend the classes. He had loved Qigong since he was young and had attended many Qigong classes. However he never heard such a high-level Dafa before. He said that his wife's Celestial Eye opened after listening to the lecture and could see Fashen and Falun as well.

At the end of 1994, Master gave the last class in China, which was held in Guangzhou City. I have not seen Master since. Good fortune is hard to encounter. I always feel so lucky and honored to have had opportunities to listen to Master's lectures in person.

It's hard to describe that last class in words. In fact, the class was not publicly known and only a few people from different places knew about it. Even so, there were more than 7,000 practitioners attending. The gymnasium could not hold so many people. The Guangzhou veteran practitioners gave 1,000 of their own tickets to those from other places. When the class started, there were still 400-500 people sitting outside the gymnasium to listen to the lecture. Master came out to see them in person and told them that it's the same effect inside or outside. Guangzhou was an expensive city. Most of the practitioners brought their own noodle soups. Some practitioners only ate two steamed buns a day. The practitioners from Xinjiang Autonomous Region arrived at Guangzhou City one week earlier and were short of money. Eventually, they couldn't even afford to buy steamed buns. When Beijing practitioners learned of their situation, they helped them so that Xinjiang practitioners could listen to the lectures calmly. Every day, the applause would start far away when Master arrived at the gymnasium, and became as loud as rolling thunder and lasted long as Master entered the gymnasium. To help to save the cost of our practitioners, mighty benevolent Master arranged the 10-day class to be taught in eight days. He had to teach more than three hours per day.

On the last day, the practitioners and the assistant centers from different places presented the flowers and award banners to Master. The ceremony lasted more than an hour. The flowers and banners filled the whole stage. After the ceremony, we were all reluctant to leave. The applause resounded like waves, one after another. In the end, many practitioners left the gymnasium in tears.