Press Conference Exposes the Evil

Around 10AM April 25, Falun Gong practitioners from Tokyo, Nagano County, Shizuoka County, Saitama County, Tochigi County and Osaka gathered in a park in Kofu to hold a press conference.

A representative of the practitioners talked about the Zhongnanhai appeal and exposed the crimes Jiang's Regime has committed in the past four years. The president of Yoko Kaneko Rescue Committee, Mr. Kitashima, spoke about the recent activities of the rescue committee. The committee has collected over 100 thousand signatures. He called on the media to pay more attention to the rescue effort and asked the Chinese government to release Yoko Kaneko immediately.

Practitioner Mr. Jie Yunhua was interviewed by the Yamanashi Daily newspaper. He talked about the experience of five members of his family being persecuted in China. His younger brother who used to study in Japan was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for no reason and has been tortured.

Parade Attracts Large Crowds

At 11am, the parade started. The practitioners walked slowly with large banners.

A Chinese student saw our group and happily talked to us. When we told him that the Chinese government created a lot of lies to defame Falun Dafa, he replied, "I know. I have read Zhuan Falun two times and it is very good. You can't listen to China's propaganda. It is always lies. I am looking for a practitioner to learn the exercises."