Ms. Zhou Biru, 55, was a resident of Group 4 in Jinian Village, Jiulong Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. On the afternoon of January 30, 2002, Ms. Zhou was cooking at home when some policemen from Guankou Police Station came in and, claiming that she had "attacked the police," beat her savagely. After ransacking her home, the police took her to the city detention center. One week later, the police called her family members at midnight and told them to take her home. After she returned home, she passed away one month later.

Ms. Zhou was a very healthy woman. Under pressure, her family did not dare to disclose the details of her death.

People who are responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhou:

Guankou Police Station in Pengzhou City
Director: Feng Jiulun: 86-28-83836067, 86-13608209455

Pengzhou City Detention Center, Sichuan Province: 86-28-83882800

Party Secretary of Jiulong Town: Chen Weichao: 86-28-83836383
Head of Jiulong Town: Zuo Chuanhua: 86-28-83836884

Responsible parties that have participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners:

Jiulong Town Police Station: 86-28-83817027
Policemen: Xie Peng, Zhao Yuhai, Shen Xingfa, Mao Lixin (who may have been transferred to another police station)

Longfeng Town:
Town Government office: 86-28-83810116
Head: Ning Shunlin, 86-28-83812678
Party Secretary: Zhou Qishuan, 86-28-83812666, 86-28-83810116
Police: Yang Jianhua, Luo Ke, Wang Dong, Huang Chengfang
" 610 Office" directors: Li Yijun, Cai Chongyin (who has received his retribution and now is a vegetable)

Pengzhou City Political and Legal Committee: 86-28-83701722, party secretary: Huang XX

Pengzhou City Police Department:
Political Security Division: Tang Shiyou (86-28-3871726, 86-28-83882800)
Policeman: Wu Youde (pager: 86-126-0034719)

Pengzhou City "610 Office": Director Han: 86-28-3704716

Pengzhou City Judiciary Bureau:
Address: Armed Force Department Building, Xiaonan Street, Tianpeng Town, Pengzhou City
Office: 86-83702148 (legal consulting), 86-28-83706894(administrative consulting)
Fax: 86-28-83706894
Director and Party Secretary: Lan Shenghua
Vice Director and Vice Party Secretary: Chang Rongzhen
Party member and vice director: You Xueping
Party member and vice director: Bai Houde (86-28-83706894)