In February 2003, the police illegally took many practitioners away from their homes, and deceived practitioners in order to capture them. At the same time, the "610 Office" said to the practitioners already put in prison, "Based on orders from our superiors, there are only two choices for Falun Gong practitioners. They can either renounce their beliefs or die. Not only will we not be held responsible for their deaths, but we will also claim rewards and benefits for having Falun Gong practitioners give up their practice." Encouraged by these large rewards, police were much more willing to persecute practitioners even more severely.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Jian in the Wuchang Area had been detained many times for his persistence in practicing Falun Gong. The police did not release him when his term was over. He protested by going on hunger strike for a long time. After losing a lot of weight, finally he was released back to his home after the Chinese New Year. However, a few days later, the "610 Office" in Wuhan City sent him to the Yang Yuan brainwashing center in the Wuchang District, where he was tortured. One conscientious person who worked there revealed, "His situation was beyond ordinary people's imagination. Everyone will object strongly if you treat a person like that." Recently we found out that Zhang Jian was near death after being tortured brutally. To avoid responsibility, the police secretly sent him home at night. We do not know whether Zhang is alive or dead.

Dafa practitioner Hong Weisheng has practiced Falun Dafa for many years. He was fortunate enough to attend Teacher's lectures many times. Hong firmly believes in Falun Dafa. He has been detained illegally since police captured him in early 2001. During his detention in the Qingling Detention Center, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, he set his mind firmly on Dafa. Later, the "610 Office" police detained his wife and forced his teenager daughter into homelessness. The police told him, "If you promise not to practice Falun Gong, we can give you your freedom immediately so that your family can be reunited. You can have your normal life again." Hong firmly refused, and pointed out that arresting him and treating him like this was against the law. The police were furious. In the second quarter of 2003, Hong was illegally sentenced to four years in a labor re-education camp. Hong was then detained in the Qinduankou Prison in Wuhan City. During his detention, although he was tortured brutally, he did not renounce his belief in Falun Dafa. He used his own experiences in everyday life and in prison to refute the police's false claims. He exposed their crimes and validated the righteousness of Falun Dafa. Facing the facts, the prison police were left speechless and unable to respond.

After the Chinese New Year in 2003, the prison police announced, "Hong is too stubborn. However, we are not worried that he is tough. We have plenty of ways to make him suffer." After that, the "610 Office" assigned people to work on him. A counselor named Chen was transferred from another unit. He came up with a proposal to persecute Hong. Money and materials sent by his relatives were taken away from him. He was not even allowed a piece of toilet paper! He was forced to perform heavy labor all day long. In the past three weeks, he was not given any food. He could only drink water when others ate. People were assigned to monitor him around the clock. He was beaten quite frequently. One kind-hearted person said, "Let's not talk about this. It is hard to mention the inhuman treatment. It's difficult to believe a government official could do things like this to another person."

Two days ago, we suddenly received news that Hong was near death, and was sent to the common surgery unit of the Fourth Hospital in Wuhan City. The "610 Office" tried to cover up the news by threatening those who knew the truth, and did not notify Hong's family. According to an insider, "Hong had holes in his stomach, and he was so thin that he looked like a skeleton wrapped by dark wounded skin. He was not allowed to bathe for a long time. Sweat and dirt covered his skin along with scars and cuts. It is hard for anyone to believe what he or she saw. It is said that the injury on his head was caused by the police when they hit his head against the wall."

Hong disappeared from the Fourth Hospital one day after his situation was exposed. We know neither where the police took him nor whether he is alive or dead.

We strongly urge all kind-hearted people and human rights organizations around the world to help rescue these people in danger and to help stop the persecution quickly.

Original article date: 4/9/2003