Facts of the Persecution

1) Local Authorities in Fushun Area, Liaoning Province Abduct Practitioners and Illegally Detain Them in Dabei Prison, Shenyang City

Local authorities in Fushun Area, Liaoning Province recently abducted some Falun Gong practitioners living in their jurisdiction who had been illegally sentenced previously, but were rejected by Dabei Prison authorities, as they did not meet the requirements of serving their terms in prison. This time around, by using illegitimate means, Fushun authorities managed to send these practitioners to Dabei Prison. Li Ying was severely beaten by police in Fushun, causing nerve damage to her arm and loss of ability to work. She was also diagnosed with hepatitis. Lu Zhengang often suffered from heart attacks and severe headaches while detained at Fushun Detention Center. Falun Gong practitioner Qu Cailing was recently diagnosed with heart disease and high blood pressure and is presently in critical condition. As the detention center feared responsibility for her death, they requested that she be released, but the Political and Legal Administration of Fushun City disagreed. She is still detained at present. Huang Guirong is also detained.

2) The Seventh Team of Sichuan Province Female Labor Camp Persecutes Dafa Practitioners Without Human Nature

Since mid-August 2002, the Seventh Team of Sichuan Female Labor Camp has become more and more brutal in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Yang Hualian, who was injured due to the torture, was forced to clean the outhouse used by over 160 people by carrying away feces by the bucketful. He Xiuzhen who is over 60-year old was locked up in a dark room. Within approximately 20 days she passed out three times. The vicious police officers handcuffed practitioner Hu Runlian and put the dirty socks she had worn for over 20 days (as she was not allowed to wash them) into her mouth, and sealed her mouth with tape. If Falun Gong practitioners even look at each other they are blamed with "breaking the rules" and are brutally beaten. Even combing one's hair or buttoning a shirt would break the rule by "moving at will" and would bring a beating.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

1) Little Dafa Disciple Decides to Firmly Cultivate Dafa Despite the Persecution

A Junior Falun Gong Practitioner said: "After I learned Falun Dafa my temper calmed down and I do not get angry easily. I also recovered from the illness that I had for many years. In my junior high school I became famous in my class for doing good deeds. My classmates also liked to be with me. Since Jiang started persecuting Falun Gong at his own will my classmates believed the TV broadcasts and they gradually began to stay away from me. Now I am ridiculed and slandered by many people. The teacher asked the students to unite to resist Falun Gong. I pondered a long time as to whether or not to continue my cultivation. Afterwards, I decided that I would not change my belief no matter what others would say."

2) Two Practitioners' Resourcefulness Turns a Difficult Situation into a Prosperous One

I suffered from many illnesses before obtaining Dafa. I went for treatments everywhere but it was no use. For years I was enveloped by illness and I could not work. The atmosphere at home was very tense. Practicing Falun Gong not only improved my health, but also improved my relationships at home. After the persecution began my husband was afraid that it would affect his job if I insisted on practicing Falun Gong, so he divorced me. Facing a hefty tuition payment for my child's education, I ran into a difficult situation with no way out. One day I brought Dafa books to my cousin's home. His wife obtained Dafa. She is smart and handy and wanted to open a clothes store with me. Currently our business is very good. It has solved the financial difficulty of both families.

Commentary on Current Issues

1) "SARS Pestilence" and "Jiang's Pestilence"

At present the hottest topic in China is SARS. This disease is very contagious and currently no effective treatment has been found. Actually, the persecution against Falun Gong by the Jiang regime is a more severe "pestilence" to China. The SARS virus damages people's physical body, but the lies fabricated by Jiang's group damages the basic human morality. Just like Jiang Yanyong, the senior military doctor who listened to his conscience and revealed the truth about SARS despite the intense pressure, tens of thousands of people are brave enough to tell the truth about Falun Dafa under severe pressure and let people know about the true "pestilence" that is related to everyone's future. These people are the true backbone of China.

2) SARS Cover-Up Against Human Rights

The clumsy and vicious handling of SARS by the related departments of the Chinese government not only incurred consistent criticisms from the world media, but also caused strong dissatisfaction among the Chinese people. The communists' handlings of national affairs are distinct in many ways. In addition to military, police, and spies, the strict control of information is an integral component of this system. To repress freedom of speech is a severe crime. It is not only violates citizens political rights, but also economic rights, and basic human rights.

News from China

1) Ordinary Chinese Family Treasures Dafa Flyers

One person talked about Falun Gong with a Falun Gong practitioner. He said: "I think Falun Gong is really good. Those who practice are all high-level intellectuals, experts, professors and many famous people. Why would these people practice if Falun Gong is not good? People are forced to subscribe to be Party Members against their wills. Falun Gong books are made illegal, yet people regard them as treasures. My family always received flyers and letters. Each time I say: 'Master sent us things again. Let's take a look.' I am not against Falun Gong."

2) Practitioner Renews a Relationship With Her Mother and Clarifies the Truth About Falun Dafa With Her Kindness

Dafa has changed me: My mother left my family when I was not even 6-year-old. I felt abandoned and hated her after that. I was so hurt that I did not want to see her at all. Later I gradually improved by studying Fa and started to communicate with her. I clarified the truth while communicating with her. She really believes me and said that I have changed a lot. I have become more mature and I am kinder now. I do not get angry easily. I told her: "It is Dafa that has changed me." Convinced, she nodded her head.