If a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple does well, his environment will be good, and filled with righteous elements. Since I became homeless in order to avoid being arrested at home, I sometimes have to stay in fellow practitioners' homes for a short period of time. One of them told me that, despite their living far away from each other, all of her 10 plus siblings obtained the Fa after she told them about Falun Dafa. Most of them are cultivating diligently with Fa study, truth clarification, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Her husband also became a Falun Dafa disciple. None of her nephews, nieces, friends, relatives, or neighbors opposes Dafa.

She is very well respected in her village and among friends and family. She always disciplines herself according to Dafa. She is always very hard working in the field or doing household chores. Though her family is poor, her house always very clean and tidy, and her children all go to school. People think that Dafa must be good since she practices it, and they support and protect her, or have started to learn with her help. She plays the truth clarifying VCD to everyone that visits her home. When her relatives, who had been deceived by the lies produced by Jiang and his regime, came to ask her stop practicing, she would tell them the facts and show them the VCD. In the end, her house was full of people learning the exercises!

I also met similar Dafa disciples elsewhere. I hope that this example will encourage fellow practitioners who are not very diligent to do better. In fact, the evil is at its last gasp in the face of Fa-rectification. "On the rest of the journey, may you fulfill, with godlike righteous thoughts and righteous actions, the grand vows you made before history!( New Year's Greetings from Master, December 31, 2002)