(Clearwisdom.net) Tieling Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province, has recently illegally detained about 40 practitioners. They have established a sizable unit whose sole purpose is to persecute practitioners. The unit leader is Wang Zhibin; vice-unit leaders are Wang Jianhua and Cao Yang; policemen involved are Li Bing, Chen Zhanyuan and Zhang Yanjie, etc. Wang Zhibin would say to the others from time to time, "It would be easier if we could just bury them all alive." Under his orders, they have used handcuffs, shackles, electric batons, spiked-clubs, and other things to torture the peaceful practitioners.

On March 14, 2002, unit leader Wang Zhibin ordered the police to lock Qiu Jiyao, Zhang Guojing, Yang Guoxiang, Zhang Wencheng, Han Haidong, Liu Qingyu, and Yang Guoquan in shackles for over a month. These practitioners are still in detention. On March 15, some of the practitioners protested by refusing to eat. Wang Tiemin, the labor camp director, ordered Wang Zhibin, Wang Jianhua, Cao Yang, Li Bing, Chen Zhanyuan, etc, to use electric batons and spiked-clubs to torture practitioners Yang Guizhi, Guan Yunzhi, Bai Jingrui, Li Xinji, Liu Haichen, Zhai Mingjun, etc. The practitioners suffered injuries all over their faces and bodies.

During April and May of 2002, Wang Zhibin, and those under him, handcuffed and shackled Wei Guojun, Wang Xuanhua, Wang Quan, Meng Fanwei, Zhang Bo, Yang Guizhi, Guan Yunzhi, Bai Jingrui, Li Xinji, Liu Haichen, Zhai Mingjun. Then they used electric batons and spiked-clubs to beat the practitioners in turn. They would torture them for 2 to 3 hours. The practitioners' screams during the torture were horrifying.

On May 22, 2002, Wang Zhibin, Wang Jianhua, Cao Yang and Chen Zhanyuan tortured and beat Meng Fanwei for over 3 hours. Afterwards, Meng Fanwei was unable to consume any food for a long time.

On May 24, 2002, in the afternoon, at the direction of Wang Zhibin, Wang Jianhua, Cao Yang and Chen Zhanyuan beat Zhang Bo for over 3 hours. Zhang Bo had wounds all over his body. He lost control of his bladder, vomited terribly, and finally passed out. The labor camp's doctor, Kong, worked on Zhang Bo for over 3 hours to save him.

On August 26, 2002, policeman Zhang Yanjie was drunk. He forced all of the sleeping practitioners to stand up, line up in rows and to do physical exercises. While in this drunken state, he harassed them for over half an hour.

On September 27, 2002, five practitioners escaped the Tieling Forced Labor Camp with righteous thoughts. The director Wang Tiemin gave orders to intensify the torture of those remaining. They cut the 3 daily meals to 2, and cut the amount of each meal in half. This treatment continued until November 6, when practitioners had to have meals while suffering the freezing cold weather. Wang Tiemin gave instructions to those under him to torture the practitioners; they forced the practitioners to spread their legs apart for 1 hour. They cruely beat those who couldn't last an hour. They sent Zhao Mingchen, Du Shulin, Zhai Junxue, Shao Wenjie and Bai Jingrui, all of whom have been kept in detention past the time of their scheduled release, to the Pujiao unit for more intense torture. They didn't let them sleep for 4 days and beat them using electric batons and spiked-clubs. They are still torturing the practitioners there.

Tieling Forced Labor Camp unit leader Wang Zhibin's cell phone number: 13904906830

April 13, 2003