(Clearwisdom.net) May 13 is World Falun Dafa Day, an important day for Dafa practitioners around the world. Regarding the theme of this year's celebration, some practitioners suggested holding a petition drive. This is just for fellow practitioners' reference.

With the understanding of Falun Dafa deepening in the Western World, people are able to see more clearly the evil persecution of innocent people. Jiang is being exposed all over the world for his crimes. The Chinese state media's biased coverage of the war with Iraq and cover-up of the SARS epidemic has further exposed the Jiang regime's deception.

Therefore, we suggest as one of the activities on Falun Dafa Day, that practitioners around the world collect signatures on golden cloth so as to let more people have an opportunity to express their voice of justice.

On Saturday, we placed a signature collection table covered with cloth at the National Square of Washington DC. Upon hearing that it is a petition to end the Chinese dictator Jiang's atrocities, many people, old and young, came to sign their names. The scene was quite touching.

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Jiang's political scoundrel group in China used deception and coercion to force people to sign their names on a piece of white cloth, and shipped it to the United Nations as a false representation of the Chinese people's will. Today, people around the world, in a free environment, can see clearly the evil nature of Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong. They will sign their names to uphold justice.

The signatures from around the world could be collected together and displayed in our parades and exhibits. We can also deliver it to the United Nations, governments and human rights organizations. This petition drive on World Falun Dafa Day will be of great significance, as it will show the world's support for Falun Dafa.