(Clearwisdom.net) It is a great event in the human world to file a lawsuit in a US court charging Jiang with genocide. Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should jump out of the mentality of win or lose in the dispute at the human level. Rather than pitting ourselves against any individual or being the opposite of anything, we should understand, look upon, and handle saving sentient beings from the standpoint of Fa-rectification and offer salvation to sentient beings.

Recently, I made an appointment with the legal assistant of my representative and talked with him about the lawsuit against Jiang. The suggestions he offered after listening to me were quite inspiring and here I would like to share them with fellow practitioners.

When you tell people about the crimes Jiang has committed, you are not presenting the issue on the level of good and bad, or right and wrong; that is, you are not arguing on the same level that I am right you are wrong, or I am good you are bad. To put it more specifically, do not present this kind of thing as an antagonistic bilateral relationship.

For example, regarding the so-called "self-immolation" incident, should we focus on clarifying how many Wang Jindong's there are, whether Wang Jindong is or is not a Falun Gong practitioner, or on the fact that this persecution should never have happened in the first place? Should our thinking be focused on completely denying this persecution or negating a victim who has been manipulated?

For example, for the rescue of Charles Li, shall we regard the rescue itself as the ultimate goal, and try our best to achieve "his release" and stop there? Or, should we clarify the truth about the overall persecution, let people understand the reason why Falun Gong practitioners try their best to explain the facts, let people learn the fact that the Chinese state-run media has been covering up the truth and distorting the facts, and let people realize the significance for each country to learn about the truth, uphold justice and freedom of belief, and the corresponding impact it would have on the country's social stability and the happiness of its citizens. If, during the course of clarifying the truth, we clear the evil factors and obtain people's support, could the evil persecution against Charles Li continue?

Also, should we clarify the truth in order to hold a painting exhibition, and take whether the exhibition can be held as the criterion of success? Or, should we explain the facts in order to help people understand the persecution, and allow those countries and nations to be saved, while using the form of an art exhibition?

The two examples point out the need to understand the relationship between parts and the whole, details and the overall situation. Only when we look at the overall situation from the perspective of the Fa-rectification, can we avoid becoming entangled in details and being manipulated by interference from ourselves and externally. This way, we can maintain a clear mind without drifting away from the major objective.

We must pay great attention to the lawsuit against Jiang, the legal procedure itself, and do well. It is far from enough to only carry out the concrete legal affairs. The significance of this lawsuit is global and is far beyond the meaning of a lawsuit in the human world. It is a great event when Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples in the human world help all people make a clear distinction between right and wrong and knowingly choose their futures. We also provide an opportunity for the sentient beings to clearly distinguish truth from lies, to straighten out the social operation tenets, to let each country correctly position itself, and to justly enforce the law.

It also concerns the goal of saving sentient beings during the course of the lawsuit. It is very important to clarify the truth to people in order to directly affect whether the lawsuit will be successful. We could say that the most important activity in the human world is for sentient beings to discern the evil through our truth-clarification and to restrain and eliminate the evil.

However, there were occasions when practitioners, including myself, who went to explain the persecution facts, carried a mentality of competitiveness that was hard to detect, and on the surface, and it looked like we were upholding justice and distinguishing right from wrong. To clarify the truth this way, the compassionate heart of saving sentient beings can be easily blocked off by the human mentalities we have not gotten rid of. Thus, audiences could not fully capture the essentials that we truly wanted them to understand. In addition, this kind of mentality often made us turn an originally fundamental big event of saving sentient beings into letting the audience help us solve our individual grievances. This kind of attachment made our words less powerful than Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples are supposed to be and therefore, made our words unable to move and awaken people's consciences. It also let the audience have passive reflection and hence, they could not actively participate in the matter or devote themselves to the issue.

Because of the same mentality, when our request did not achieve what we expected, we would complain about why this department or that organization could not position itself correctly. Why was the bottom line of the moral standard so low? Real complaints followed. Sometimes, this kind of complaint was also added to conversations or correspondence with government officials.

If the moral standards of humans were high enough, there would be no need to rectify the Fa. Master scooped us out of an extremely degenerated moral state and allowed us to become Fa-rectification particles through cultivation; how much painstaking effort has Master exerted? Everyday people have not gone though the procedure of "being cleansed" as we did, therefore, they need us to tell them the facts and to save them, rather than to complain to them or blame them. Our complaints and reflected human attachments are exactly the reason that everyday people will be blocked off, and are also the parts that the old forces try hard to magnify so as to take advantage and to make trouble.

In addition, when we need to do some Dafa work that requires special human knowledge, skill, or technology, two situations often occurred among ourselves. One was that quite a number of people were afraid of difficulty and therefore were hindered by human mentalities and notions. One word of "difficulty" gets in the way, and prevents one from actively studying and quickly adjusting ourselves to achieve the state of being able to actively contribute. Another situation is to pose as a specialist, consider it more important to prove one's ability than to validate Dafa, and to forget that the power of rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings comes from Dafa and Dafa disciples rather than from "specialists" or "experts" in the human world. All of these form obstacles on our path of going forward.

Under the exterior condition of the old force's evil performance and many sentient being's deterioration, it is often our Dafa disciple's attachments that cause different kinds of discontented responses in the human world during the course of Fa-rectification. If we don't get rid of our attachments, more people will be blocked by the old forces and therefore destroyed, or unable to truly, clearly, and correctly position themselves when they have the opportunity to do so. Our attachments come to be the obstacles that prevent sentient beings from being saved.

If we can truly follow what Master said in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference": "You should always remember this: I don't recognize any of the interference that's occurring among Dafa disciples today, all of the things that shouldn't happen are the old forces' arrangements; they see your personal cultivation as the first priority. Of course, personal Consummation is the first priority, since there's nothing more to talk about if you can't reach Consummation. But today's Dafa disciples are doing something different from the cultivations in any other period in history, and it's because you are shouldering a greater responsibility that surpasses your personal Consummation. Saving sentient beings and validating the Fa, far surpasses your personal cultivation, they're even greater things. And this is something that the old forces can't handle correctly, so they're interfering with you. Negate them, and face all of it with the right thoughts!"

If we can correctly understand Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple's "looking inside," shouldn't we often ask ourselves whether we really explained the facts clearly to these government officials who do not know about the truth? Did we clarify the truth with the compassion of offering salvation, or with the pursuit, hidden in our hearts, of achieving an instant result? Were we free of any pursuit to just purely, rationally, and wisely help them to learn about the facts? Did we let go of ourselves and always put Dafa and saving sentient beings as the first priority?

If we still have not truly achieved this, every one of us should look inside, and practitioners as a whole should look inside, to find the obstacles in the way we think, firmly remove them, and do things well in accordance with the requirement of the Fa-rectification.