March 29, 2003

( About two years ago, a fellow practitioner planned to make a truth-clarifying video based on the cultivation story of practitioner A. However, since the two of them had different opinions on how to make the video, they stopped after completing the raw filming. Later, Practitioner A asked other practitioners who are TV media professionals to complete the video. However, he was still not satisfied with the way they developed the story in the video. As a result, the raw film and all related materials came back to their hands several months later.

One year later practitioner B picked up this project. A and B agreed on how to develop the story, but B was new to making videos. It was quite a challenge for B to achieve the same technical level as other practitioners for such a documentary video. B started learning and researching all the technical issues while working on editing the film with great effort. It took a lot of effort for B to finish the preliminary editing, yet there were a lot technical issues to be resolved. At this point, B started to enlighten that this was not a "good" opportunity for him to learn techniques, and he recognized his attachment of being eager to prove and show off that he could make a documentary. B realized he should ask fellow practitioners to help him finish editing to let people see the truth-telling video as soon as possible. However, A did not agree to have a new person finish the editing, worried that if the new person had another different opinion and proposed significant changes, it would postpone the editing and create conflict again.

Three months later, the video was still not completed after two years of efforts. B enlightened a lot: He realized that making TV programs is just one of the many ways of telling the truth, and that, like all the other truth-telling projects, it is a cultivation process of Fa-rectification for all the Dafa disciples involved. It is normal that practitioners have different opinions, but we have to support each other when we have different opinions and are at different cultivation states, so that all our efforts work together in the same direction to show the power in order to better tell the truth and rectify the Fa. This process itself is the process for all of us to improve our xinxing and cultivate in the Fa-rectification. As a matter of fact, no matter how capable each practitioner is on surface, we are only the physical carriers of the Fa. Our cultivation realms manifested from the mutual support, tolerance and supplement in the cooperation among Dafa practitioners are truly the manifestation of Dafa's power.

We came to this human world with the thought of saving people, but we did not know how to do it. Master told us to cultivate and improve such a capability in the process of clarifying the truth during the Fa-rectification, and at the same time to fulfill our own magnificent wish. The above incident helped me understand that an individual's willingness to save people is merely a wish; without the rational and selfless support and cooperation among Dafa disciples, we could not achieve the Fa-rectification requirements as a whole.

During Master's Fa-rectification process, any attachments to our own capability, thoughts, wisdom or what we learned from our past lives are all very naive and dangerous. This is actually proving and manifesting our state that we did not understand the Fa well enough and it shows the lack of our wisdom. We have to unconditionally let go of ourselves and quietly do things according to Master's Fa. This is the only way for us to become a great gods who will use righteous thoughts and righteous actions to lead all the beings in our worlds; to become the gods at different levels who protect the Fa of "Truth-Benevolence-Forbearance." How effective we are in telling the truth, whether our video can move people's hearts, is the manifestation of our Xinxing (heart/mind nature, moral quality) and our cultivation realm as a whole. It is not achieved through pursuit. In the process of working on our projects, we should not be confused by our surface work; cultivating one's heart is essential in everything we do.