(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, police officers from the No. 1 Division of Fushun City Police Department kidnapped Dafa practitioner Li Ying and later tortured her to death.

Dafa practitioner Li Ying, female, lived at the Wanghuahaicheng area in Wanghua District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. After her kidnapping, her whereabouts were unknown. Li Ying's family went to the police department to ask for her and they requested meeting with her, but met with rejection. They deplored the vicious police and requested and protested repeatedly. In the end, the police reluctantly let them in to see Li Ying. They saw her lying on the ground, with a white sheet covering her body. They pulled the sheet up and saw that Li Ying was on the verge of death. She only had strength to tell her husband, "four police beat me..." before she passed away.

Her family demanded to videotape the scene but the police refused, fearing their crime would be exposed. The officials asked repeatedly if Li Ying had any illnesses. Her family said she was always very healthy and asked for a coroner to perform an autopsy, but the officials gave some excuse and refused.

Li Ying's family is currently unwilling to reveal the truth under the police's pressure. The details of Li Ying's torture death await further investigation. The murderers will not escape punishment under the laws of heaven.