(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999 when the evil forces began to brutally persecute Dafa, I did not step forward to clarify the truth because I had not given up my fundamental human attachment and I still had fear. Two years ago during the winter, a friend of my relative came back from abroad. I asked him to show me how to access Minghui daily articles from an overseas electronic mailbox account. Soon after, he left for abroad, and I began to receive articles from Minghui daily. Since that day on, my cultivation state changed a lot, and the stories of fellow practitioners rectifying the Fa moved me deeply. I couldn't stay home any longer, and I realized that to step forward to rectify the Fa is the responsibility of Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period.

I had to handwrite truth-clarification signs on paper, since I did not have a printer. I spent time trying to figure out what to write on the paper that could best express the voice from the bottom of my heart. I selected "Falun Dafa is good." It is because "Falun Dafa is good" that Dafa disciples can persevere today with solid steps. It is because "Falun Dafa is good " that the evil forces cannot damage Dafa, nor shake Dafa disciples' rock solid righteous belief and thoughts no matter what methods they use. It is because "Falun Dafa is good" that the people and governments of many countries in the world care about and support us. I purchased colored paper and wrote down "Falun Dafa is good." A few days later, I went to a subdivision after work. After looking around to make sure nobody was watching, I left the paper inside an apartment building and took off on my bicycle. After I came back home and thought about what just happened, I felt my mentality was wrong. What I did was the most righteous thing in the entire universe.

The second day when I passed that subdivision again, I noticed that the paper had been moved to the outside of the building and was facing the gate. Somebody took it off and posted on the outside. The characters on the paper were very distinctive in the afternoon sunshine. My eyes were full of tears. I really would like to thank this kind-hearted person. Master's benevolence was encouraging me too. This incident gave me the confidence and shaped the way I clarified the truth in the days ahead.

Since then I became clear about my responsibility and mission. I began to learn to clarify the truth using various forms. After a while I found out that using audiotapes to clarify the truth was a very effective way, and it was also affordable. I learned to copy the programs from VCD to tape using a portable MP3/VCD player. Since the day when I learned how to do it, I have not stopped making tapes to clarify the truth. I took these two small machines with me whenever I went on business trips. Though it takes an hour to copy a tape, I can still make a lot of tapes when I keep doing it. One time before the recording, the Walkman indicated that the battery was running out. Unexpectedly, the tape kept recording to the end without interruption. I realized that we are changing everything when we do things with our heart, and the power of Dafa will manifest. On another occasion, I needed blank tapes immediately. Instead of going to the wholesale market that was farther away, I went to a multimedia store. The blank tapes cost 7 Yuan apiece. Believing that it was too expensive, I turned back. On the way home I recalled that my boy wanted to buy a children's VCD yesterday and it cost 26 Yuan. I bought it without any hesitation. Why was I so generous with myself but penny-pinching when it came to Dafa truth clarification work? I was too selfish and couldn't put Dafa and sentient beings as the first priority. I returned to the store and purchased the blank tapes.

In time, my tape making and editing skills became better and better. I now know how to transition from one program to another smoothly. The programs I selected included songs, world and Chinese news about Falun Gong, Fa-rectification stories, examples of immediate retribution, stories of everyday people getting rewarded for supporting Dafa, stories of overseas Dafa disciples spreading Dafa, Dafa brief introduction, "self-immolation and framing," and some famous quotes. They are very popular. Fellow practitioners used them as originals and made copies from them and then distributed them through various channels. Soon after, the demand for the original tapes grew much bigger, and I decided to reduce my sleep time to make them. One day there was an emergency and I had to stop recording a tape which was only about 10 minutes from finishing. I tried to continue the recording when I came back, but found out that the program was complete. The feedback from fellow practitioners was very good about that recording, and the recorded programs were diversified and in the right order. I was really surprised that the recording was finished even after the interruption. After the incident, I deeply understood sentient beings' strong desire to learn the truth and Dafa's boundless wisdom.

Believing in Master and believing in Dafa, all my fears were washed away. Dafa is creating the future of the universe. Dafa is lighting up my road forward and my righteous belief towards Dafa is getting stronger.