The guards in Handan Labor Camp in Hebei Province had the prisoners attack Falun Gong practitioners, assaulting them for their money, clothes and daily necessities.

Team leader Xing of the First Team, 40 years old, often cursed at people. Falun Gong practitioners are brutally tortured and insulted under his instruction. They hung up one Dafa practitioner from Wuan County and poured cold water into his mouth, and the water went everywhere. It was winter at the time and this practitioner's body became extremely cold upon being drenched with cold water. Then they punched him with a wooden stick about 2 inches in diameter, and caused his body to be covered with blood and bruises. He couldn't walk for over 20 days and for several months he could only sit for moments at a time. He still hasn't recovered.

Team leader Li Haiming of the Second Team, over 40 years old, ordered the torture of Dafa practitioner Lu Zhaofeng from Damin County until he almost died. Then they asked his family to take him home. However, Lu Zhaofeng passed away three weeks later. Another practitioner was brutally beaten up, causing his body to bruise severely. Later he was covered with bloody scabs, and he collected them with a newspaper after they fell off and has showed them to many people as evidence.

Team leader Jiang of the Fourth Team, 40 years old, is a very wicked and brutal person. He forced Dafa practitioners to kneel down under the burning sun. This kind of scorching exposure would last 4 to 5 hours - each time longer than the last. Dafa practitioners were taken by force to the team for forced brainwashing. The team leaders beat up the practitioners with electric batons, then rubber sticks, causing them to be severely injured. Then the guards took Dafa practitioners to the various teams in the evening, where they told those prisoners who didn't know the truth of Dafa to torture Dafa practitioners. They had two prisoners pressing the legs, two pressing the hands, one pressing the head, then one prisoner at each side beating up the practitioners with heavy rods making their hips swollen for weeks and their legs covered with scabs.

Team leader Wang Feng of the Fifth Team, about 40 years old, often cursed people, and he directed some vicious men to torture Dafa practitioners. Ren Mengjun, a Dafa practitioner from Shahe County, suffered greatly from such brutal torture and beating. Just a few days after he was released and returned home, he died. His family then went to the labor camp to ask for justice, but nothing is being done. Subteam leader Xue always persecuted Dafa practitioners by using the most brutal means, such as the "tiger bench" (see illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html). He forced Dafa practitioner Yang Baochun to stand on the snowy ground with bare feet and no pants. Yang became disabled under such a brutal persecution. He was then sent to the mental hospital where one of his legs was amputated. Xue was then assigned to be the team leader of the "Special Management Team," where he brought the "tiger bench" over with him. Many Dafa practitioners suffered from the torture of the "tiger bench."

The guards forced Dafa practitioner Zhang Hongbin from Handan City Bank to stand in front of the washroom for a whole night and didn't allow him to sleep for 85 days while standing day and night without any rest. His legs, feet and face became severely swollen.

The labor camp ordered the prisoners to torture Dafa practitioners brutally for three consecutive days from April 16 to 18, 2001. The sound of beating with wooden sticks, cursing, punching and kicking was heard all over the labor camp. The guards also forced Dafa practitioners to squat down, and applied other tortures to them.