February 27, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) On December 30, 2002, the Intermediate Court of Xining City, Qinghai Province, unlawfully sentenced Zhang Rongjuan and three other Falun Gong practitioners for broadcasting truth-clarifying TV programs. Mr. He Wanji was sentenced to prison for 17 years, Li Chongfeng to 15. He Wanzhu, the brother of He Wanji, and Li Chongfeng are currently being detained in Xining City's Nantan Prison in Qinghai Province.

Mr. He Wanzhu was arrested at home, where he was talking with a fellow practitioner. The police ransacked his home and confiscated all of his money. He Wanzhu was then sentenced to 3 years in a forced labor camp.

Zhao Xiangzhong, He Wanji's 50-year-old wife, has been sent to Qinghai Female Labor Camp four times. Initially she was sentenced to the labor camp for one year for appealing in Beijing. The second time, she was arrested for clarifying the truth of the persecution and sentenced to the forced labor camp for three years. Ms. Zhao Xiangzhong refused to cooperate with police and suffered brutal torture. She was temporarily released due to a severe illness. Relying on her righteous thoughts, she got out of the labor camp after 3 months of detention. The third time, the police unlawfully arrested and sent her to the labor camp for 15 days, until she was again released due to severe illness. The fourth time, the police surrounded He Wanji's house with 6 police cars. All the family members, including two children (a 12-year-old girl and a 2-year-old baby girl) of Mr. He's relatives who were living there temporarily, were arrested and detained for over 12 hours. Zhao Xiangzhong was detained in solitary confinement at the forced labor camp and subjected to brutal torture. The only place to sleep was on the cold, hard concrete floor. When Zhao Xiangzhong was released after more than 3 weeks, she could not walk, her lower body was numb, and she suffered severe chest pain. She was emaciated and could not eat or drink. She is now paralyzed and bed-ridden, and her life remains in danger.

Zhao Yulan is He Wanji's 71-year-old mother. In 2001, she was detained in the Huangzhong County Detention Center, Qinghai Province, for over 40 days for sending Teacher's new articles to He Wanji while he was detained in Qinghai Male Labor Camp.

He Wanji's family home has often been ransacked, and their household goods and money confiscated. Now his father, who is over 80 years old, lives at home, alone and with no one to take care of him.

Zhang Xuefeng, a middle-aged female Falun Gong practitioner, was forcibly injected with nerve-damaging drugs during her detention in Qinghai Female Labor Camp. She is now displaying the same symptoms as Fan Lihong, a female practitioner who was tortured to death in January 2002 (see Female Falun Gong Practitioner Fan Lihong from Qinghai Province is Tortured to Death by Qinghai Province Female Forced Labor Camp's Mental Hospital).

Because Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Yujie, an officer of the Qinghai Province Forestry Bureau, went to Beijing twice to appeal, he was sentenced to a forced labor camp for one year. He was arrested again as he was exposing the facts of the persecution in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and unlawfully sentenced to 6 years in prison. He is currently being detained in Haomen Prison, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Mr. Zhao refuses to cooperate with the evil, refuses to recite the prison regulations, and refuses to wear a prison uniform. He was beaten savagely by the police but did not give in, resisting the persecution with righteous thoughts. The police officers in Haomen Prison were shocked by the righteousness of Falun Dafa practitioners. Recently, the former contact person of the Falun Gong Association of Xining City, Qinghai Province, Mr. Sui Jianbo, has also been unlawfully detained in Haomen Prison.