(Clearwisdom.net) The Jiang regime's fabricating charges against Charles Li is a great opportunity for us to clarify more clearly why Falun Gong practitioners in China interrupt TV broadcasts with messages of the truth. The charges against Charles are fabricated. More importantly, clarifying the truth on the airwaves is truly a righteous act.

1. In the United States, the Fourth Amendment guarantees the right to privacy in our homes, among other places. If a band of criminals broke down our doors and began to torture and kill people, would we not believe we have the right to stop such behavior? Of course we would. In fact the law even permits one to act in self-defense.

2. When the terrorist attacks of September 11 occurred, Americans felt invaded and ever since have created new laws, new policies and perhaps even a war to protect themselves in their own country -- in their homes (also known as "homeland security"). The Fourth Amendment and right to security in one's home is sacred. Americans obviously do believe we should and must protect that sacred flame.

3. What if the Ku Klux Klan took over America and spouted hate propaganda against African Americans, Catholics and Jews, every single day inspiring the hateful and brutal murder of all of us? We would stop the propaganda because of its brutal and murderous effects. How is stopping that propaganda different from Falun Gong's interruption of the state-controlled propaganda broadcast in China? Isn't it a way to tell the truth about Falun Gong and thus stop the mass murders?

4. We need to explain that in China, one cannot deploy the law to stop the genocide. One is arrested for peaceful appeals, for legal appeals, for speaking to the media, and so on. The police invade homes and kill husbands and wives. If its clear that the state owned media and its propaganda network is the cause of these acts - no one could torture Falun Gong without believing we are bad - then of course a non violent interruption of the airwaves is a noble way indeed to stop what no man would otherwise countenance.

We need to genuinely clarify the truth in this aspect. The above are just some ideas.