(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of March 20, the Chinese government's unconstitutional trial against American citizen Charles Li evoked strong reactions in the state of Georgia.

Sending forth righteous thoughts by candle light Interview by FOX5 News

At 7 pm, Atlanta "Friends of Charles Li" rallied at the Olympic Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta to call on people from all walks of life to pay attention to the Chinese government's wrongful detention and unconstitutional trial against American citizen Charles Li. They also distributed flyers regarding the rescue of Charles Li to passersby. CNN broadcasting station and FOX 5 News came to cover the event.

A reporter from FOX5 News said, "As the war is going on, our newsroom is really busy. However, we still came here to cover the event, because the Chinese government is taking advantage of the US-Iraq war to infringe upon an American citizen's human rights, and unlawfully detain and put him on trial. This is absolutely unacceptable!"

After learning that the Jiang's regime is openly violating international laws and illegally putting Charles Li on trial, Georgia assemblyman John Douglas said, "I support actions of justice that safeguard freedom and human dignity. I understand that there are still some dictators in the world, without whom, our world would be more beautiful."

During the candlelight rally, some people who joined the anti-war parade in the downtown area came over after their parade to ask for information. They said, "You are a most peaceful and kind people!" "During this era of turbulence, you're bringing the world beauty and peace!"