March 14, 2003

( An important channel through which we clarify the truth to governments around the world is the media. The function of the media is to influence public opinion on a broad scale. The media of a democratic country represent the voice of the people and directly influence the selection of the people's representatives. Many historical events were started and completed by the media.

During the past three years, we have done a significant amount of truth clarification to the media and received great results. However, for various reasons involving the media and ourselves, the media seem to still be far from fundamentally understanding the truth about the persecution against Falun Gong, and from doing what they can to uphold justice. The media have so far failed to widely report Jiang's massacre of Falun Gong practitioners, which seems to be unlike their reporting of other instances of genocide throughout history.

In order for us to do well in clarifying the truth to the government and people, we must make a breakthrough with the media. In addition to clarifying the truth to media workers, we must also clarify the truth to the decision-making administration behind it.

How do we clarify the truth to the media? Just as clarifying the truth to the government, we must grasp the most essential facts and communicate from their perspective, involving issues they are interested in. For instance, we can talk about what significance Falun Gong has on the present and future China, as well as the misunderstandings the United States and other countries have about Falun Gong. Then we could go deeper and talk about the historic roles they should truly play, and clarify why they are inevitably involved and that they are also victims of this evil persecution. Most importantly, we must clearly explain why this persecution is evil, how it is evil and to what extent, etc.

Breaking through the old forces' blockade of the media is one of the most important works of thoroughly clarifying the truth to society. It is worthy of all of our practitioners' efforts and powerful righteous thoughts.

In daily life, we can do large amounts of work, and there are things worthy of all of our serious effort. For example, after attending the recent rally in Washington, D.C. to rescue Charles Li, all of us can send our pictures from the rally to community newspapers, attaching our own stories to them. Tell our neighbors the story of Charles Li and explain why we had to ask for a leave of absence to attend the rally in Washington, D.C., and ask them to help us call upon society and the government for justice.

When every one of us has a conscious sense of responsibility and wisdom to clarify the truth, society will open up and the old forces' blockade will be broken. Many of these things are easy tasks for us. We should just go ahead and do what we should do.