March 7, 2003

( I am a Dafa practitioner from Kangping County. On December 24, 2002, I was illegally detained and sent to Zhangshi Brainwashing Center of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The brainwashing center, formally called the "Zhangshi Law Education School of Shenyang City," has two buildings that cost about 1.8 million Yuan (about US $219,512) to build. It is the brainwashing center used to brutally persecute kindly people. If a practitioner has not been "transformed" within five days, he is transferred to the other building, called the small Zhangshi Building.

The small building is managed under a so-called "Help and Education" group with about 30 people, including Principal Zhang Yi, section chief Shi Fengyou, and collaborators* Li Qingbao, Chen Jie and Zhang Qiusheng,

I was sent to the building on the sixth day. There were many gory propaganda posters slandering Dafa on the wall. The guards' shouting and abuse were often heard from different cells, as well as the painful cries of those practitioners who were suffering force feeding or brutal torture. Five or six collaborators would surround one practitioner and assault Dafa. Those who refused to be brainwashed and lasted more than three days were physically tortured. The lighter tortures included beating or forced squatting on the heels. The most vicious was tying practitioners' legs in the reverse of the proper Falun Dafa cross-leg position (a male practitioner was forced to have his legs tied in the exercise position for female practitioners; and females were forcibly tied in the exercise position for male practitioners) that was intended to mess up the energy mechanism and violate the practitioner's proper cultivation practice. At the same time, they also tied the practitioners' arms behind their back and stuffed socks in their mouths to stifle them. The practitioners were tied up like that for more than four hours at a time. When the practitioners were unbearably suffering, those collaborators would pull and move the parts of the leg that felt the most painful, bringing even more unbearable pain upon the practitioners.

I have experience this torture several times. My hands and legs still tremble even now. While being tied, I was not allowed to use the bathroom. The collaborators would keep slapping my face, demanding me to answer whether I would keep practicing or not. It would be an endless torture as long as my answer was yes.

Dafa practitioner Ms.Xia Wen, who was not allowed to go home after serving her term in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and was sent here, suffered brutal torture in the brainwashing center. Binding the damaged the ends of the nerves in her legs, making her lose feeling in the legs and causing her to become incontinent.

Dafa practitioner Ms.Li Ailian suffered beatings and electric shocks several times. One time she was hung up for several hours, cutting the blood circulation in her hands and turning the skin necrotic. A thick layer of the skin was later shed off.

Dafa practitioner Ms.Wu Yanping had been on hunger strike for three days to protest the persecution. The collaborators still didn't let her off. They forced her to squat on her heels. These deranged collaborators crazily yelled, "Here is the speedy class. As long as you come here, we can make the dumb speak and the lame walk."

The collaborators treat male practitioners more cruelly. Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Xianyong had been tortured with tied legs several times but did not yield. They then hung him up while he was tied with reverse cross-leg position, rendering him unable to walk for several days.

The collaborators would not allow the steadfast practitioners to sleep. They took turns sleeping so the brainwashing of the practitioners would be continuous. Some of the practitioners were only able to sleep three hours a day at the most. The collaborators' goal was to physically and mentally destroy the practitioners.

This is the truth behind the small Zhangshi Building, the so-called "Law Education School."

* Collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.]