(Clearwisdom.net) On March 16, 2003, Dafa practitioners from New York City and surrounding areas held a Family Rescue Walk and Press Conference in Brooklyn, one of the five buroughs that make up New York City.

Many people stopped to sign the petitions to release Dr. Charles Li, an American citizen illegally detained in China for his belief in Falun Dafa.

Westerner handing out truth-clarifying material to Chinese passerby in Brooklyn's Chinatown.

Many practitioners gathered for the press conference and truth-clarifying activities.

Practitioners spoke about the persecution in China.

Young practitioners spoke about their family members being detained in China and other practitioners being persecuted for their beliefs.

Practitioners sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Chinese for a 1-year-old sone of a Falun Dafa practitioner whose grandparents are currently detained in a labor camp.

Although the grandparents have never seen their grandson, and the labor camp authorities would not allow the grandmother to keep a photo of the grandson, a video of the event will be sent to the labor camp in hopes that the grandparents can celebrate with their youngest family member.

The following are a couple of short stories from the activity:

Story #1 - In a local restaurant where several Western practitioners were eating together, they were watched with much curiosity by the Chinese workers who were having lunch there. At the end of the meal we handed out newspapers, flyers, and VCD's to people in the restaurant. The Chinese people gladly took them and one man reached out to shake hands with the Western practitioner and said "Thank you" with a big welcoming smile. This was a very big change from the past when local Chinese residents would not even look directly at any practitioner and many people cursed practitioners.

Story #2 - In front of a shop selling Bubble Tea, some Western practitioners ordered some drinks and took the opportunity to speak with various Chinese people coming in and going out from the shop. While waiting for the drinks, one Western practitioner was standing outside giving out truth clarification flyers and information about rescue efforts. Suddenly a small Chinese boy ran up smiling and looking happy. The Western practitioner gave him a VCD and he happily took it and ran back to his mother. However, his mother frowned and told him to return the VCD to the practitioner. The little boy looked firmly at his mother and shouted "No!" Then he ran back to the Western practitioner again to get more materials. He told us his name and that he was 3 years old. After taking some more flyers he ran back to his mother to give them to her. She frowned again and told him not to take those things and give them back. This time he stamped his little foot and yelled again, "No!".

Seeing that the mother was not clear about the facts of Falun Dafa, a female Western practitioner went over to chat with the mother. She complimented her on having such a wonderful son who was so pure and had so much compassion and caring for others. Also, that his good nature must be due to the mother raising her son so well. The mother smiled. Then the practitioner noticed she was very pregnant and asked her when her new baby was coming and if it would be a little brother or sister for her beautiful son. She chatted about the baby. The practitioner told her, "You are so fortunate to have such wonderful children, I hope you have a very good future because the world needs more kind people. I hope that your son brings many people happiness with his pure smile and kindness." Then she spoke just a little about how Falun Dafa helps people return to their true nature and that perhaps that is why her son liked the male practitioner so much. The mother smiled and let her son stay around the practitioner. When the female practitioner looked over at the two of them, the little 3 year old boy had insisted the practitioner allow him to hand out Dafa materials to passersby. He even said "Falun Dafa Hao" to people going by.

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