Greetings to you from Australia! With the coming of spring, we turn our thoughts to the light of hope and renewal, the promise for a better world for all.

We would like to share with you our sincere thoughts in offering some insight into the banning of the peaceful practice of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) in China and attempt to clarify the truth of this relentless and widespread campaign of injustice. We can assume that most of your population knows something now of Falun Gong's suppression over the last 3 years.

From one of the more than fifty countries where Falun Gong is supported and practised openly, we kindly ask of you to please reconsider any negative propaganda presented by your government through its many television and newspaper reports. Please don't allow yourselves to be deceived any more by their false accusations and concocted stories. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Falun Gong is an ancient, orthodox practice incorporating exercise, meditation and the development of one's moral nature by applying the universal principles of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance). By embracing these timeless virtues, millions world wide have truly become better people within their own personal lives and indeed the wider community.

Through practise, our general health and well-being has significantly improved and each one of us has discovered a more positive and peaceful attitude to life. We have witnessed many people remarkably transformed by Falun Gong, young and old alike, becoming happier and more productive members of society. As practitioners from Australia, we can testify that living in accordance with Zhen, Shan, Ren truly enhances every aspect of our daily lives!

The Chinese government conducted a survey in 1999 and estimated that between 70 -100 million people were practicing Falun Gong, only 7 short years after its introduction to the public. Having previously been supported by the government, now, due to its overwhelming popularity and aspirations outside of the communist ideal, Jiang Zemin deemed Falun Gong as a potential threat to the established 'order'. Overnight, all practitioners suddenly became 'enemies of the state' and a severe crackdown began with the banning of its practice.

Since 20th July 1999, the persecution has escalated with an official record of over 590 people of all ages and from all walks of life having lost their lives as a result of torture and the most inhuman treatment. Information from reliable sources within China estimates the actual number of deaths to be in the thousands! Daily, via the Internet, we read of the many personal accounts shared by the Chinese practitioners informing us of the brutality experienced amidst their ongoing plight. Over 100,000 innocent people remain detained in prisons, forced labour camps and mental institutions.

Much of what has been reported about Falun Gong and its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi by China's state controlled media is based on slanderous fabrications, sparing no effort or resource to undermine the integrity of the practice inside China and even here in Australia. Falun Gong, in fact, expresses the timeless values and wisdom so treasured throughout Chinese tradition. It exemplifies a path of compassion, offering the way to a greater heart and mind and the opportunity to rediscover the origin of our true nature and the virtues of upholding morality, most necessary now for a more peaceful and tolerant world.

As the situation worsens, Chinese mainland practitioners continue their efforts to clarify the facts and raise awareness of the persecution to all within their own country and abroad, appealing to people's hearts and conscience to bring an end to this ongoing injustice. These many innocent people are literally risking their lives to inform you of the truth and dispel the lies that have been so systematically propagated.

Falun Gong definitely has no political aspirations or agenda. Practitioners are simply exercising their rights under China's own constitution, which lawfully encourages freedom of speech, association, and the fundamental right to appeal for justice. Despite vehement opposition, practitioners continue to take a peaceful stand to uphold their principles and defend the light of truth. Now, more than ever, the people of the world have awakened from the lies to recognise that Falun Gong is truly good. Please open your hearts to them, remembering that good is indeed rewarded with good and evil actions can only invite retribution.

A worldwide rescue campaign has recently been implemented and with the support from many governments, human rights groups and other concerned people, has proven very successful in releasing a number of family members from unlawful incarceration, impending torture and possible death.

Jiang Zemin and those officials directly involved in orchestrating and continuing this persecution are now in the process of being sued for genocide in the United State's Federal Court System and will in time stand trial for every evil deed perpetrated against your fellow citizens. Please don't be fooled any longer!

For those who know that Falun Gong is good and practitioners are truly innocent, we ask of you to please inform your families, friends and others of this brutal injustice and assist in diminishing the shadow cast over your country by those responsible for such vicious crimes against humanity.

We, as citizens of Australia have been prompted to write this letter to voice our deepest concerns for the future prosperity of your country and your people. We believe that freedom is not a privilege but an absolute and fundamental right for the citizens of all nations! By valuing the principles of virtue and morality, the foundation of 5000 years of Chinese history and tradition, prosperity and peace will surely prevail!

The reputation of Falun Gong will soon be restored and the virtues of Zhen, Shan, Ren are indeed finding their rightful place in the hearts of more and more people in your country and throughout the world. Thank you for your time and understanding and we wish all the precious people of China and your beloved homeland the brightest and most prosperous future!

Sincere regards

Falun Gong practitioners of Queensland, Australia.

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